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Post Graduated Interview

MIM class of 2012 has done with their classes including their capstone project. Today I have interviewed one of the MIMers from Taipei, Taiwan. 

His name is Weiyi Lin. He came to the United States about three years ago and now finishing his Master Degree from Portland State University. During his study at MIM, he chose to focus his study in Global Marketing because marketing is very interesting and creative, thus, the job field in Taiwan is very popular for marketing specialist. Prior to his graduation, he got an offer from his capstone project client, Elemental Technologies, to work as an intern in marketing department to assist the company in market analysis. He really thankful to Elemental Technologies who has given him this great opportunity to gain an experience and knowledge in working in American company and industry. MIM program has given a great opportunity through its capstone project to work with the local company to help them solve them problems as well as gaining an experience and opportunity to learn from them in a real-world situation.

Elemental Technologies is a software company located in Portland, Oregon that specializes in providing massively parallel processing solutions. It creates software that uses GPU to perform multi-screen video encoding, decoding, transcoding, and a pixel processing tasks on commodity hardware for adaptive bit rate streaming of video over IP networks.

Thunyarak “Goy” Katikavongkhachorn

Thunyarak Katikavongkhachorn or Goy is a full-time student in Master of International Management Program. She received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Portland State University. She was interested in studying MIM program because she would like to broaden her career in supply chain and logistics at the global level that focusing on Pacific Asia while studying Chinese as a third language. She currently specialize in supply chain and finance in the MIM program.

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Trimet Smartphone App could be just the ticket….The another success from MIM Alumni

MIM alumni did the project about Trimet Smartphone App…and now, they are successful in their project!! What an awesome MIMers.

They did a mobile ticketing system for public transportation. Users can buy TriMet tickets on their mobile phones. They try hard to help people to live easier!! They focus on making a product that will touch people’s lives daily.

For more information, see the link below about their project and success.


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End of the term reflection

How fast it is? Finally, all MIMers had done with spring term 2012. We spent 8 weeks with academic classes which are Global Human Resource management, Global Finance, Contemporary Pacific Rim and World Affairs, and Global Market Research. Also, we spent 11 weeks with Chinese or Japanese class.

This term is the busiest term for MIMers. During the term, we have to do many assignments such as analyzed cases study and write papers, do many presentations both individual and team presentation. Moreover, we had just got exit project assignment which is very important for us. Continue reading

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Top 10 Speaking Tips for the TOEFL iBT

The Third part of TOEFL iBT is Speaking. All international student always concern how to speak well and get the good score. Let’s see the Top Tips for Speaking Part. Be prepare and GO FOR IT!!

1. Find friends to practice speaking English – the more confident you are with speaking English, the easier you will find the TOEFL speaking section of your exam.

2. Find the past questions from past exam. Plan your response by preparing what you will say for your introduction as well as three supporting ideas. You should aim to do this at least three times a week – the more you practice, the easier you will find it to respond to questions with limited time to plan your response.

3. Record yourself as you practice responding to your chosen questions. Afterwards, listen to your recording and ask yourself: Did I answer the question correctly? Did I pause or say ahhh or ummmm too often? Did I make any grammar mistakes? Did I speak too quickly? Too slowly? Did I organize my ideas clearly? Did I mumble or was I clear to understand? The more you practice, the more confident you will get at speaking. You will also become less nervous when speaking while being recorded. Continue reading

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TOEFL TIPS for Reading Part

The reading part is the first part of TOEFL test. This part consists of 3 long passages with 60 minutes (20 minutes per passage). However, this part can be the long from as 5 passages with 100 minutes (2 passages is not count as a score since ETS do research for TOEFL test). Unfortunately, the test takers will not know what passages are counted and what passages are not counted. You must do your best in every passage. Here are the tips for the reading parts. Continue reading

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MIM on the Go: Nike Headquarters

Last week a group of 12 MIMers and recent MIM alumni got to take a tour of Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon and meet Nike employees Mark Lee, Akari Oda, and Jimmie Golez. If you have never been to the Nike Campus you will be quite impressed upon your first visit. The campus is larger than 35 football fields (two million square feet), beautiful, on natural preserved wetlands, with lots of areas to play sports—of course! One of the things that stood out to MIMers on the tour is Nike as a brand and Nike as a culture. Once you have seen Nike’s campus it is easy to see why employees are so loyal to Nike. Nike Campus is like a unique “city within a city.”

Official Nike tour guide and business analyst, Jimmie Golez, gave MIMers a very thorough tour of Nike Campus. Golez, who works in Nike product creation IT, has been working for Nike for the past eight years. In his position he supports the team that is involved with bringing a product concept to life by facilitating communication between merchandising and engineers.

Two Nike supply chain specialists joined the group tour, Akari Oda and Mark Lee. Oda is the Supply Chain Innovation Senior Manager for Nike Japan and has been working for the company for almost seven years. With constantly evolving markets, Oda’s job is to develop and deploy strategies to enable new capabilities to improve Nike’s supply chain (i.e. faster replenishment, on-time delivery, etc).

Mark Lee does similar things as Oda, only not for Nike Japan. Lee, who has been working for Nike for the past eight years, is a Nike supply chain consultant and is currently working on a special finance project. MIMers might find it interesting that one might choose to specialize in supply chain but will end up having to utilize finance knowledge on the job as well (so pay attention in all your classes, MIMers!). Lee is greatly appreciating his business finance classes he is taking through PSU’s MBA program.

At the end of the tour, Golez, Oda, and Lee answered a thought-provoking question that Genevieve Tandon, recent MIM alumni, asked of them. “What is one of the most difficult and reoccurring problems or issues that you have to deal with in your current positions and jobs?” It is amazing that Golez, Oda, and Lee all responded similarly. The issue that they see over and over in their jobs is the difficultly of finding a global solution while appreciating and respecting cultural differences for such an international company.

As Golez says, “You need to find a balance between cultures.” Oda stresses that you must make and foster relationships across different cultures and take into consideration the time differences in each country that you are doing business with. Oda must check in regularly with her boss who works out of Japan, so they Skype each other, and she must be available to chat with her boss at “odd” hours in the U.S. Oda says, “You must make the solution relevant for each country—at the country level.” Lee explains that it is very challenging when you have to report to multiple bosses on a single project. You must be sensitive to everyone needs and be very good about including everyone in the project. Lee’s takeaways include, “embrace ambiguity” and “take initiative.”

Hmmmmm…MIMers…This does not only sound like business–it sounds like INTERNATIONAL business. There is clearly a need for Master in International Management graduates!

MIM thanks Nike, Golez, Lee, and Oda for their time. It was a wonderful tour.

Fountain at the front entrance of Nike

Shout out to JJ Salazar in the MIM program!

Learning about how Nike got started in football

On the deck in of the wellness center and above the child care center

Taking a lunch break on the field

Jordan's shoe line

Beautiful use of water and water features around campus

Around Nike campus

All about sports

Lance Armstrong's bike

Pros at marketing thanks to Wieden+Kennedy

We waved to Phil Knight in his office

Perfect MIM team photo op by the campus lake


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Support Dining to Give, Founded by a MIM Alumni

What do MIM students do in school for fun while they take 12-19 global business class credits per term?

Well, if you are Jasmine Avgerakis, then you create Dining to Give. Avgerakis, who graduated with her Master in International Management degree in December 2010, wished to “raise money for non-profit initiatives around the world.” She hoped that Dining to Give would “raise awareness of how each of us can be a part of the solution.”

Since graduating from the MIM program, Avgerakis has relocated to Bogota, Colombia, where she is perfecting her Spanish language skills and gaining further experience in the non-profit sector. Meanwhile, Dining to Give continues to thrive under MIM 2011 candidate Eric Dretzke’s excellent international management skills.

Why support Dining to Give?

  • It is founded by a MIM student and currently managed by a MIM student (support your fellow classmates in their quest to do good!)
  • By dining you help raise money and awareness for non-profit initiatives around the world
  • Your meal also supports the Oregon Culinary Institute
  • The meals are delicious (I have attended and can attest to this fact) four-course gourmet dinners prepared by Oregon Culinary Institute students
  • 40% of the $30 dinner price is donated toward a variety of local and international non-profit organizations
  • Network with like-minded individuals

The next dinner is scheduled for Thursday, February 10th at 7:00pm at the Oregon Culinary Institute. 40% of the proceeds from this dinner will be donated to Adventures Without Limits. Round up a few friends and make reservations now! I will be there..I hope to see you there! (To make reservations click HERE.)

Become a fan of Dining to Give on Facebook

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