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Class of 2012 MIM Reflection

Congratulation to the MIMer Class of 2012! I am sure we all are exciting for the Hooding Ceremony on December 7 that would take place in Smith Ballroom. Our 15 months program has come to an end that I am sure each of us is going to miss each other since majority of our International students are heading back home. So over these 15 months in the MIM program what have we learn and gain from course and each other?

Master of International Management (MIM) program is unique and diversified in providing knowledge and experience in Pacific Rim markets through its intensive business education grounded in a solid MBA curriculum enhanced by cross-cultural communication, language training in Mandarin Chinese or Japanese, and Asia trip field study. The cohort system is very helpful in helping student practicing their team-oriented in business world as well as easier for students in a group format. In reflection, I have learned and gained valuable experiences and knowledge both through the cohort and unique course designed for working across culture that different from MBA curriculum.

  • Strong Connection

MIM is using the cohort system where every students is enrolling starting in Fall term and proceed the same coursework throughout the program. It creates a strong bond and connection among our cohort. We are very close to each other and know each other personality as well as working style where it helps us practice flexibility and adaptable in working together in the group. It was a valuable experience because we all spend time together almost 24 hours per day. We would miss each other after this graduation!

  • Training and practicing working across-culture

It is a very important and valuable lesson for me because it is difficult working across-culture due to the language barrier and different communication styles. In order to enhance our leadership in the future in working globally, we need to understand how to work and communicate with other people from different country. There is so much to learn working globally not only knowledge and experience are required, people-skill is needed as well to deliver the right message the audience.


We are now ready to graduate in Hooding Ceremony on December 7. Congratulation again!



Thunyarak “Goy” Katikavongkhachorn

Thunyarak Katikavongkhachorn or Goy is a full-time student in Master of International Management Program. She received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Portland State University. She was interested in studying MIM program because she would like to broaden her career in supply chain and logistics at the global level that focusing on Pacific Asia while studying Chinese as a third language. She currently specialize in supply chain and finance in the MIM program.

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Master of International Management Asia Trip 2012

The Asia trip is consistently one of the most talked about highlights for anyone in the Master of International Management program at Portland State University. Each year students have the opportunity to travel overseas for 3 weeks filled with factory and business tours, special lectures, and plenty of cultural exploration in Japan, Korea, and China. Continue reading

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An Economic View of Asia-Pacific: MIM 513, Pacific Rim Economies, Trade and Financial Markets

Fall Term is a busy one for the Master of International Management. The incoming cohort is settling into their hectic schedules, while the part-time students get to add language classes to their already busy lives. Amidst the madness of settling in and increasing workloads, we all get to convene in Dr. Cliff Allen’s MIM 513: Pacific Rim Economies, Trade & Financial Markets. As part of the core curriculum, Pacific Rim Economies is a stepping stone for the rest of the program. Continue reading

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