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Google Products Viral Video by Porntipa Oil Leelasa-ngasup

This is one of the viral video from the Integrated Marketing class taught by Charles Patton. I have interviewed on her plan after graduation as well as her inspiration in making this video. The first time I have seen it, I thought it was the ad from Google Inc. However, it was one of the video from marketing class in Master of International Management Program at Portland State University.

Google Life Video:


Student Profile:

Porntipa Oil Leelasa-ngasup

The creator of this video is Porntipa Oil Leelasa-ngasup. She is currently enrolling in Master of International Management at Portland State University focusing on Global Market. She received her Bachelor degree in Fine and Applied Arts major in Theatre Drama from Thammasat University in Thailand. Before she decided to study aboard in the United States, she used to work as an Advertising Account Executive in one of the most famous Advertising companies in Thailand called Idea Avenue Co., Ltd. Her goal after graduation is to build her career and experience around the marketing and advertising field in order to improve her skills and knowledge.

What inspired you to create a viral video this style?

“I have been using Google products for the past 6 years and they have changed my lifestyle completely. The purpose of this viral video is to express my daily experience with Google products and how the Google products are able to help my study in pursuing a Master Degree much easier. I chose to use the stop motion technique to differentiated the execution. I believed that is an easy technique to help audience remember and see how the products can be used in daily life.”

Thunyarak “Goy” Katikavongkhachorn

Thunyarak Katikavongkhachorn or Goy is a full-time student in Master of International Management Program. She received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Portland State University. She was interested in studying MIM program because she would like to broaden her career in supply chain and logistics at the global level that focusing on Pacific Asia while studying Chinese as a third language. She currently specialize in supply chain and finance in the MIM program.

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