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MIM Life Series: Portland and MIM Classmates

By Yuanqian Sun

I want to say, I love all of our MIM members! They are like my family right now. We are working together and learning together almost everyday. Here are some memorable moment I personal took during the term.

  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Portland State University
  3. Chinese group in Japanese class
  4. Classmate’s wedding reception
  5. Have Chinese traditional dim sum with my friends

First of all, I want to say, I love Oregon, I love Portland. This is the place I have lived for already five years but I am still liking it.

Mount Hood is the best place we can go outside with our classmates. I came with my classmates on the weekend and it was so beautiful. We can climb or drive to the mountain top.


Then, I want to say, Portland is the beautiful city that I like the most in United States. I have been to a lot of states and a lot of cities, none of them makes me feel like home. Portland people are so nice, they always smile to you even if they don’t know you. Also, the weather is so nice in the summer. I like it.


I like my classmates in Portland State University MIM program. Although we are Chinese, we didn’t know each other before we came to MIM. I would like to say, MIM gave us the opportunities to let us meet and know each other. I am very happy to know them and be their friends.

Rita 3

This is the picture we took in Japanese class. it’s so fun that MIM program provided us a chance to learn a different culture and a second language. The Chinese students were learning Japanese in the past year. We were not only learning Japanese, but also the culture.


This is the picture at Derek’s wedding party. He was the second MIM member to get married in our program, and the first one who held a wedding during our school year. We all came to celebrate. This makes us just like a family. All of the MIIMers are like sisters and brothers. We are all very happy that he can find his love.


After class, we would have lunch or dinner together. This is the picture we have Chinese traditional dim sum in HK Café. They are my Thai friends. They are all very nice. They were learning Chinese for a year and they really like Chinese culture. When we have dim sum, they try to use their Chinese to made the order.


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MIM Life Series: Internships and Future Career for MIM International Students

By Linda Quach

My name is Linda Quach and I come from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In this blog, I am going to share my personal story in how I ended up choosing MIM for my graduate degree, what am I doing right now and what my plan is after graduation in terms of being an international student.

Linda with Ma Weihua, a famous Chinese calligrapher during the China-Oregon conference. She received a scholarship from PSU Confucius Institute of which Master Ma is one of the donors.

Linda with Ma Weihua, a famous Chinese calligrapher during the China-Oregon conference. She received a scholarship from PSU Confucius Institute of which Master Ma is one of the donors.

I was born in  family with a strong business background, so I was always fascinated to learn about the business world since I was very little. I had a chance to come to the United States to study, and I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management in 2013 from Oregon State University. My initial plan was to go home right after I graduated and start looking for jobs in Vietnam. However, we can always change the plan. My interests in supply chain motivated me to go further, and I chose MIM because it is a perfect combination of international management, a specialization in supply chain, and Chinese. The Dean of Business School in my previous university recommended me to PSU, and I am very happy about the choice that I made.

I am now doing an internship for a web design and software provider company located in Downtown Portland. Honestly, it was hard for an international student to find internships/jobs and get hired. However, I think if we are willing to commit putting time and efforts, we could get it. I spent almost two months looking for an internship. I went to PSU career services website everyday, attended networking events, joined the mentor program, career roundtables, and the career fair. I know we hear these all the time, and they don’t work for some people. Rather than directly being offered a job, I think we go to those events to make connections, get to know more people, build relationships, ask for advice. The most important thing from these events is keeping in touch later on with the new connections that we made during the events. If we go home and do nothing, we will get nothing. Those are pieces of my advice and I hope they help. As graduation is getting close, I hope everyone in my cohort will come out as a strong candidates for the jobs they want to do.

My plan after graduation is to take a short break to travel and then find jobs in the United States, especially Portland. I’d love to run my own business later on, and it would be exciting if I can have my fellow MIM-ers as partners. We all go find jobs and work for others, but why don’t we get together and work for ourselves.

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MIM Life Series: Peak into the Life of an MIM student

By Suresh Kumar

IMG_1794Life in the MIM program is hard. It is hard because there is barely any time do anything other than studying, that is if you want to learn a lot and earn good grades in the process. We are in school for most of the day. Our classes start at 8:45 in the morning and end at 5 ‘O clock in the evening. Yes, there is a couple of hours of break, but should we use that break to study? Or should we use that break to eat and socialize with the other members of the MIM program? When we get out from class at 5, do we go home and relax or should we stay at school and complete our homework? I would like to tell you how I have approached this dilemma for the past terms that I have been a member of this program. Since, I had a girl friend at the beginning of the program, I would spend the couple hours of break with her and sometimes with my fellow MIM friends. About 95% of the time, I stayed in school to complete my homework after the 5 O’ clock class because my productivity goes up if I am studying in the library. I just cannot concentrate at home. Even when I went straight from class to the library, it would take me 4 to 5 hours to complete my homework, meaning I wouldn’t get home till 10 or 11. This was and is frustrating to my parents as they do not believe that I stay in school to do homework. I don’t know what they think I do, but certainly studying at school is not in their frame of reference. I do not even have time to eat as if I stop to take a break and eat, that takes away at least 30 minutes from completing my homework. Thus, I stay at school and complete my homework before eating anything. On the days that I decided to go home, it was almost always that I did not go to bed before 2 am in the morning. I remember during the first two to three terms, I went to bed around 2 am almost every night. One thing to note is that I work 14 hours a week while going to school full time. I would advice working more than 10 hours in this program as this program takes a lot out of you- physically, mentally and emotionally. It is important to note that I work slower than a regular graduate student. If a task takes me an hour to complete, it would probably take another graduate student 30-40 minutes. However, different have gone through the same experience as me.

IMG_1793Talking about maintaining a good work life balance, I was in school for 5 days a week and I would only go home to sleep. There would be nights when I would only see my dad and brother while they were already asleep. By the time I would wake up, they would have already gone to work and school. Additionally, there was also times when I would see my best friend only once or twice every two weeks. During the initial stages of the program, our director said that if you like working out, then forget about working out. Your life will be about studying now, you will not have time to work out. And he was not lying. I used to work out and play sports for about 2-3 hours each day, and now it would be a miracle if I could work out 2-3 hours a week. This can speak for the demand of this program.

Nonetheless, this program isn’t jus negatives as it may have sounded like. The above paragraphs are just to indicate the rigor and challenges of being in this program. This program will help you become very successful in the future due to the services being provided, the professors as well as other personnel such as Jodi Nelson and DeAnne Preston. This program is designed in a way that would lead you to becoming a successful individual if you follow each step in the process. “MIM Professional Passport” is one example which pushes us out of our comfort zone and enables us to make connections which is invaluable in attaining jobs in the US as well as abroad. The MIM program is also very similar to the MBA programs; the only difference is that this program teaches you the cultural aspect as well, such as how to interact with people from different cultures, why people act the way they do etc. So, you are learning the best of both worlds. And most importantly, you will make friends that you will keep in touch for the rest of your life. You literally spend more time with your cohort than your family, thus the bonds and relationships you create here will last a long time.

Life in the MIM program is hard, but will be an experience of a life time.

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Balancing Life, School and Other Activities in MIM

By Jake Culian

One of the most challenging parts of the MIM program is just how fast it goes.  This week is our finals week and February isn’t even over yet.  Needless to say it kind of feels like everyone is sprinting around here so I wanted to talk a little bit about time management and stress relief.  The first thing to know about MIM is that there is always something you could be doing.  There are projects for Operational Management, studying Chinese, endless amounts of reading and many wonderful events that the SBA offers .  The first step to surviving the madness is organizing everything.  Personally I like writing it down so I picked up a large desk calendar and wrote out all the assignments, projects, tests and events that I need to take care of for the entire quarter.  This way I know what’s coming ahead of time and if anything new comes up it goes on the calendar.  It takes an hour or so but in return you always know what you need to take care of.

Now that you know when everything is due the biggest piece of advice I have is stay on top of it.  Many of us like to procrastinate, but this is a great way to get completely overrun.  For example yesterday we had 5 assignments due and we have final exams today and tomorrow.  By taking care of assignments sooner rather than later you can stay more relaxed and actually sleep some every night.

MIM Students and instructors at the MIM Chinese New Year Party

MIM Students and instructors at the MIM Chinese New Year Party

There are some day’s when everything stakes up against you and you just have to prioritize.  Prioritization is key skill to learn and with it you can make sure that the things that really need to get done are finished on time.  We can receive hundreds of pages of reading a week and it’s always important to take the time to actually finish it, but if you need to choose between reading and finishing off a couple assignment, finish the assignments first and read as you can.  It’s also good to remember that you can negotiate with professors.  They aren’t mind readers and don’t know everything that’s happening in your other classes.  If you’ve got a bunch of stuff coming due at the same time it can really pay off when the class asks for an extension, just don’t abuse the privilege.

Finally it’s always good to take some time off.  Eventually you can just run out of steam and trying to study for another hour just isn’t worth as much.  That’s the time to put away the books and go do something physical.  My personal favorite stress relief activities are running and dancing.  Portland has a lovely waterfront park which is great for walking, breathing some fresh air and letting things go for a bit.  Portland also has a fantastic array of dance venues which are within walking distances of school as well as classes offered through the recreational center.  For those of you interested in picking up a social dance I highly recommend checking out .  So remember organize, don’t procrastinate, prioritize, and find some time to relax.

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Connect to Community Networking Event

By Jake Culian

One of my favorite parts about the MIM program and the School of Business Administration at PSU in general are the networking events that they put on.  Last night several members of our cohort attended the quarterly event known as Connect to Community.  The event is held in the Pearl District at Bridgeport Brewery, .   This is one of many fine breweries in Portland which has helped develop its nickname of Beervana.

This was the first time that I’ve been able to make it to the Connect to Community event and I’m definitely planning on going back.  I felt it was a great event, not only because of the free food, but also because of the diversity of people who attended.  Not only where there current and previous MIM students, but also representatives from the other Masters programs out of the SBA.  In addition there were local business people, some members of the school administration as well as a few undergraduate alumni.

I really enjoyed this event because it got me into contact with a whole variety of new Alumni outside of my current program.  It’s always interesting to see which direction people have taken relatively similar degrees.  I particularly appreciate knowing all the different avenues you can possibly pursue with a degree in business.  I know that one of my bigger problems when looking for jobs is not even knowing what sort of options are available to consider and events like this one are great demonstrations of the length and breadth of the opportunities available.

This event is but one of many opportunities available to students and I would highly recommend going to as many of them as possible.  They’re almost all free and frequently put students in the same room as executives from companies like Nike, Boeing, Intel, or Blount.  If you’re interested in getting a job in the Portland area there’s no better way to get your name out there.  So I suggest you go check out the campus event page and find something you’re interested in.

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MIM Networking Social Event

by Megan Nelson

On Friday, January 24, 2014, the first MIM Networking Social Event occurred at Rogue Brewery in the Pearl District. The event was designed to bring together MIM alumni and current students in order to discuss the merits of the program and what makes it such a unique experience. There was a mix of part-time and full-time alumni. The part-time students who have successfully completed the program worked full time while taking courses and participating in program events. Many of the full-time students entered the program in anticipation of a career change, and many have proved successful in those endeavors.

Networking is very important for the MIM program for a number of reasons. Networking helps:

  • Promote the importance of being more international in our thinking and within our companies.
  • Create awareness and help the program become well-known and competitive with MBA programs.
  • Create a lasting bond amongst alumni, current students, and prospective students.
  • Continuously show the strength of what is being taught within the MIM program through our connection to the community and world at large.

A major topic of conversation at the networking event was the Asia trip, which many former students discussed as being the turning point in their program experience. From gaining a new worldview to bonding with their classmates, everyone spoke positively about the trip. The current class of MIM students will be visiting Tokyo, Shanghai, and Ho Chi Minh City in March. They will also have the opportunity to travel on their own for a fourth week, with many students choosing to spend that time in Thailand.

The most important part of the event was making connections with new people and knowing that we’re all part of a strong but intimate group of professionals who have had a unique experience we’re willing to share with each other.

There will be more opportunities, as it is hoped that MIM Networking Social Events will become a monthly program. We hope that more people choose to join the upcoming events and make this program even more special and unique than it has already become.


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MIM Candid Photo Contest

MIM Candid Photo Contest

All MIM cohorts, alumni, and professors are encouraged to participate! Fifteen winners will receive cash prizes and have their work displayed in the SBA.

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