MIM Life Series: Peak into the Life of an MIM student

By Suresh Kumar

IMG_1794Life in the MIM program is hard. It is hard because there is barely any time do anything other than studying, that is if you want to learn a lot and earn good grades in the process. We are in school for most of the day. Our classes start at 8:45 in the morning and end at 5 ‘O clock in the evening. Yes, there is a couple of hours of break, but should we use that break to study? Or should we use that break to eat and socialize with the other members of the MIM program? When we get out from class at 5, do we go home and relax or should we stay at school and complete our homework? I would like to tell you how I have approached this dilemma for the past terms that I have been a member of this program. Since, I had a girl friend at the beginning of the program, I would spend the couple hours of break with her and sometimes with my fellow MIM friends. About 95% of the time, I stayed in school to complete my homework after the 5 O’ clock class because my productivity goes up if I am studying in the library. I just cannot concentrate at home. Even when I went straight from class to the library, it would take me 4 to 5 hours to complete my homework, meaning I wouldn’t get home till 10 or 11. This was and is frustrating to my parents as they do not believe that I stay in school to do homework. I don’t know what they think I do, but certainly studying at school is not in their frame of reference. I do not even have time to eat as if I stop to take a break and eat, that takes away at least 30 minutes from completing my homework. Thus, I stay at school and complete my homework before eating anything. On the days that I decided to go home, it was almost always that I did not go to bed before 2 am in the morning. I remember during the first two to three terms, I went to bed around 2 am almost every night. One thing to note is that I work 14 hours a week while going to school full time. I would advice working more than 10 hours in this program as this program takes a lot out of you- physically, mentally and emotionally. It is important to note that I work slower than a regular graduate student. If a task takes me an hour to complete, it would probably take another graduate student 30-40 minutes. However, different have gone through the same experience as me.

IMG_1793Talking about maintaining a good work life balance, I was in school for 5 days a week and I would only go home to sleep. There would be nights when I would only see my dad and brother while they were already asleep. By the time I would wake up, they would have already gone to work and school. Additionally, there was also times when I would see my best friend only once or twice every two weeks. During the initial stages of the program, our director said that if you like working out, then forget about working out. Your life will be about studying now, you will not have time to work out. And he was not lying. I used to work out and play sports for about 2-3 hours each day, and now it would be a miracle if I could work out 2-3 hours a week. This can speak for the demand of this program.

Nonetheless, this program isn’t jus negatives as it may have sounded like. The above paragraphs are just to indicate the rigor and challenges of being in this program. This program will help you become very successful in the future due to the services being provided, the professors as well as other personnel such as Jodi Nelson and DeAnne Preston. This program is designed in a way that would lead you to becoming a successful individual if you follow each step in the process. “MIM Professional Passport” is one example which pushes us out of our comfort zone and enables us to make connections which is invaluable in attaining jobs in the US as well as abroad. The MIM program is also very similar to the MBA programs; the only difference is that this program teaches you the cultural aspect as well, such as how to interact with people from different cultures, why people act the way they do etc. So, you are learning the best of both worlds. And most importantly, you will make friends that you will keep in touch for the rest of your life. You literally spend more time with your cohort than your family, thus the bonds and relationships you create here will last a long time.

Life in the MIM program is hard, but will be an experience of a life time.


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