MIM Resume Contest Winner: Suresh Kumar

By Jodi Nelson

Over half of the current MIM students participated in the resume contest offered in January. This is our second time hosting the contest as a way to motivate and encourage students to get their resumes updated in anticipation of summer internship hiring. In addition to the motivation to get an internship, students were also incentivized by the opportunity to win one of two Amazon gift cards.

20150210_083357The winner of the 2015 MIM Resume Contest was… Suresh Kumar. We had such strong resumes that we also awarded a second place prize to… Fraya Saquina. Here are some of the highlights from their resumes and these are also tips that all students should consider adding to their own resumes:

  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile. Employers want to learn more about you so include your profile link and make sure you profile and photo are updated. Current students can learn more about how to utilize LinkedIn at the upcoming workshop on February 25.
  • Add details about your education. Include bullet points for highlights such as specialized coursework, a high GPA, student organization leadership, etc.
  • Incorporate all relevant experience including class projects and volunteer experience. If you are early in your career, then you might not have a lot of paid work experience. But you probably do have some substantial class projects that can demonstrate your skills. Or maybe you demonstrated leadership abilities through involvement with a community organization. Include these experiences on your resume.
  • Highlight your language skills. Many MIM students speak two, three or even four languages. That is very impressive to potential employers. So don’t leave those details off your resume!

In addition to the MIM Resume Contest, we offer many other resources and opportunities. Students are actually required to participate in the MIM Professional Passport Program where they are earn their way to gold status by completing checkpoints such as attending networking events, participating in the mentor program and completing an internship. The goal of the MIM Professional Passport is to help students stay on track with these career activities throughout their education and ultimately so that when they graduate they are ready to land their dream jobs.


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