MIM Resume Contest – Winner Announced

By  Jodi Nelson
Thank you to the 15 students that submitted resumes for the MIM Resume Contest. It was great to see how many of you were motivated to get your resumes updated. A polished resume is essential to getting an internship or job!And the winner of the contest is….. Chun-Wei Wang! Chun-Wei’s resume highlights her MIM degree and capstone project nicely. She includes lots of details about her work and volunteer experience with quantifiable results. Also, the format is consistent and easy to read. You can see Chun-Wei’s resume attached and it will be included in the updated Resume Guide.  Chun Wei Wang’s Resume

We had two runners-up: I-Ting Chen and Katie Thomas! I-Ting and Katie also did a nice job of highlighting their skills, education and accomplishments.

I know that all of you put time into your resumes and there were some other strong resumes submitted. Over the next week, I will send individual feedback from the committee to each student that submitted a resume. We want you all to have a resume as strong as possible. If you did not submit your resume for the contest, but would like some help, then please let me know.
Thanks all. And congratulations to Chun-Wei, I-Ting and Katie!

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