A Glimpse of Indonesia

By Clarina Andreny

Some of you may already be familiar with Bali Island, one of Indonesia’s top destinations. Here, I want to share some places that you may not know as well.

1. Batam Island and Bintan Island

Batam Island isn’t so big, but it’s known to have great seafood restaurants with cheap prices. However, Batam has very limited public transportation, so you may need to take a cab to visit places, and many taxi drivers don’t want to use their meters! Because of this, you need to bargain before you enter the taxi. Nearby, there is an island called Bintan. To get there, it takes about five hours on a boat. You can find star resorts with white sand beaches. Even though Bintan Island is located in Indonesia, many resorts and restaurants (only) accept the Singaporean dollar. At first I felt like, “What the heck? Why don’t we just use Indonesian rupiah?”. But then, oh well, as long as they still pay taxes to the Indonesian government it’s fine by me.

B5The poolside at Bintan Lagoon Resort

2. Aceh

Aceh is located at the top of Sumatra Island. The majority of the population is Muslim, so the local government highly suggests females to wear headscarves during their visits.IMG-20120504-00335Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Aceh has great beaches with clean, white sands. Unfortunately, these amazing beaches don’t have sufficient accommodation, such as hotels, resorts, public transportation, etc.

B9Lampuuk Beach, Aceh Besar

The local food is also great. I liked Aceh’s noodles a lot. The noodles come with chicken, beef, or seafood. For those who dislike spicy food, Aceh is heaven!

3. Palu

Palu is a city located in the center of Sulawesi Island, one of the five main islands in Indonesia. This city has many beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and great, local food selections. One of the best dishes is Kaledo Soup, made from young sheep leg. You will find the pleasure of eating Kaledo Soup when you drink (yes, drink) the marrow from straws. Just make sure you don’t have a high cholesterol problem.


DSC_0271Donggala Beach

DSC_0200The Boat Trip

DSC_0290Sunset at Donggala Beach

Indonesia has so many great places for your next holiday destination!


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