Hitachi Consulting

By Megan Nelson

Hitachi Consulting is the global business and IT consulting company of Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi works in business strategy development through application deployment and they have offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Hitachi offers the agility of a small firm, the stability of large firm, and the innovation that comes with being part of Hitachi.

Currently, Hitachi is looking for new consultants to join their Portland office. The company is looking for team players who are enthusiastic, thrive on responsibility, and inspire trust. Most of the consulting work is conducted at the client site, but may also be performed at an office location while supervised on defined assignments.

Hitachi Consulting is about community and having fun at work. With over 4,500 consultants, the company competes with the tier 1 consulting firms while having a close-knit, team-oriented culture. To preserve this unique culture, employees actively participate in social events as well as local volunteering, community events, and fund raising activities throughout the year. Hitachi consultants enjoy building new skills, working with great people, and the variety of experiences that come from working on exciting projects within a wide array of industries.

As part of the Hitachi group, interoffice and community connection activities are emphasized for all employees. Some of the activities are quarterly meetings with company updates, community service events, Women’s Interactive network, family socials, sports leagues, mentoring programs, happy hours, and more! Becoming part of the Hitachi group is more than just getting a job; it’s becoming part of a new family.

Hitachi was gracious enough to visit Portland State University last Thursday, February 13, 2014. PSU alumni who are now part of the Hitachi group led the presentation and were excited about the prospect of bringing in more PSU graduates. Hitachi will be at the Northwest MBA Career Fair on Friday, February 28, which will take place at the Multnomah Athletic Club.  The application process and interviews will be conducted throughout the month of March.

This is a great opportunity for all graduate business students, but even better for MIM students, with their international background and knowledge!


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