Things To Do in Thailand

By Varanol Tovichit

While in Thailand, I recommend visiting two places: Bangkok and Southern Thailand.


Bangkok is the capitol city of Thailand. It is a very crowded city since people from all parts of Thailand tend to move there, but there are many interesting places to visit. Here are just a few of them:

  • Temple: Many temples are located along the Chao Phraya River. Because we have a public transportation boat service in Thailand, the river is a pretty easy route. The river makes a nice day trip.
  • Jatujak Weekend Market: The market is another place that you should visit. It’s a shopping market for most Thai people that provides creative goods with affordable prices. Local retailers open it by themselves. It is also accessible by the MRT, or subway, another method of public transportation in Thailand.
  • Museum: If you want to explore Thai history, you should go to the Nitasrattanakosin, Museum Siam. Nitasrattanakosin will provide you with the history of the current royal family as well as the first king. The museum will also provide you with information about the national history of Thailand, which is pretty broad in detail.
  • Night Life: Most tourists in Thailand have heard about Khaosan Road and Patphong since it is a very popular destination. Personally, I prefer Khaosan Road to Patphong. However, I rarely went to these places when I was living in Thailand, as I normally went to Thonglor or Ekamai, where there is a lot of good food and pubs.

Southern Thailand (Krabi and Phuket)

In Krabi, there is a lot of beautiful coastline that provides spectacular scenery. For example, Thale Waek is an amazing place. When the low tide and water level is down, a line of sand will appear, forming a path that allows people to walk from one island to another. You can travel to four islands, a trip which is normally sold as a one-day package by a local guide. The islands are one of the best areas to snorkel or dive. I would strongly recommend you to go there if you have the time. It is possible to take a day trip there as well (

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand. It is also one of the best places to go for diving. You can enjoy the beach, which is known for its soft sands. You should also take day a trip to the Phi Phi islands. It was once used for filming the Hollywood movie The Beach.

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