MIM Networking Social Event

by Megan Nelson

On Friday, January 24, 2014, the first MIM Networking Social Event occurred at Rogue Brewery in the Pearl District. The event was designed to bring together MIM alumni and current students in order to discuss the merits of the program and what makes it such a unique experience. There was a mix of part-time and full-time alumni. The part-time students who have successfully completed the program worked full time while taking courses and participating in program events. Many of the full-time students entered the program in anticipation of a career change, and many have proved successful in those endeavors.

Networking is very important for the MIM program for a number of reasons. Networking helps:

  • Promote the importance of being more international in our thinking and within our companies.
  • Create awareness and help the program become well-known and competitive with MBA programs.
  • Create a lasting bond amongst alumni, current students, and prospective students.
  • Continuously show the strength of what is being taught within the MIM program through our connection to the community and world at large.

A major topic of conversation at the networking event was the Asia trip, which many former students discussed as being the turning point in their program experience. From gaining a new worldview to bonding with their classmates, everyone spoke positively about the trip. The current class of MIM students will be visiting Tokyo, Shanghai, and Ho Chi Minh City in March. They will also have the opportunity to travel on their own for a fourth week, with many students choosing to spend that time in Thailand.

The most important part of the event was making connections with new people and knowing that we’re all part of a strong but intimate group of professionals who have had a unique experience we’re willing to share with each other.

There will be more opportunities, as it is hoped that MIM Networking Social Events will become a monthly program. We hope that more people choose to join the upcoming events and make this program even more special and unique than it has already become.



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