Managing Info Tech Globally Class Reflection

ryan-reichertContent manager for Nike, managing editor of Palate Press, MIM graduate, and now as a MIM adjust professor, Ryan Reichert is currently teaching the MIM Managing Information Technology Globally course! 

It seems strange to already be winding down on a class, but Ryan’s four-week course is soon to be complete. Ryan has prompted great class discussions on big data, data management systems, categorization, and more. He has also brought in fantastic guest speakers for each section of info gathering we’re covering: marketing, supply chain, and finance.

Anvil Media CEO and founder Kent Lewis

Kent Lewis visited our class last week to discuss five key trends in the SEO world: maximizing media through video, penguin-proofing, mobilization, social content evangelism, and SEO automation. As a content creator myself, the most intriguing part of Kent’s presentation was evangelism in the social content sphere. Essentially Kent proposes to replace a singular content position with a management role that encourages social media participation among all employees. Therefore, it is no longer an individual voice creating the brand, but a more accurate representation of the business. Would love to work towards this position, Kent!

Nike Director Of Global Procurement (Retail and Corporate Facilities), Matt Kelly

Last night our class enjoyed a wonderful presentation from Matt Kelly about working at Nike and how global procurement works from the executive level down to the nuts and bolts. One subject that continued to resurface was Nike’s transparent information about their suppliers. A page on Nike’s website now showcases all factories that Nike contracts with, the general demographics of the employees, what type of Nike products are made, and the facility address. Check out the link here.

Thanks for a great class Ryan and we hope you’ll be teaching for the MIM program again soon!

Juli Tejadilla

juliJuli Tejadilla is a full-time student in the Masters of International Management program. She previously graduated with two Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Studio Art from Linfield College. While her interest in international business began as an undergraduate student, she has been traveling around the world since she was nine months old. Her travels have taken her all across Western Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and most recently to Japan, China, and Vietnam. She hopes through the MIM program to learn key insights to conduct business internationally and to establish herself as a global citizen.


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