Late Weekend Recap: Asia-Pacific News 9/23-9/29

MIM special correspondent Luke Hudson returns with a collection of some of the biggest news stories of the Asia-Pacific! In case you missed any of these, Luke has pulled together several articles that focus on issues in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia that are both timely, and also encapsulate longterm issues that the region faces.

This week’s articles focus on China’s new high-speed train system, developing trends in the Chinese labor market, Japan’s successful Summer Olympic bid, green energy in Japan, and an update on ASEAN economic integration.

From the New York Times – After years of sluggish ridership and safety concerns, China’s high-speed rail is set to revolutionize transportation for business and individual travelers.

From the Wall Street Journal – Facing rising wages and demands for better working conditions, Chinese manufacturers have been looking for a work-around. Robotics could be a solution to their problem.

From CNN – This article speculates about the economic and social benefits of Tokyo’s recent selection to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

From Fortune – With concerns over the use of nuclear power and the recent heat wave, Japan has been forced to use its supply of electricity with greater efficiency.

From – The countries of ASEAN are getting closer to economic and political integration. Here is an update about recent happenings and predictions for the near future.

Luke Hudson

Luke_HudsonLucas Hudson is a full-time student in the Masters of International Management program. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Spanish from the University of Oregon. During his studies, he lived in Valdivia, Chile, studying Spanish language and Latin American history. After graduation, Luke has spent his time traveling extensively throughout South America and working as a banker and accountant for local Portland businesses. He is interested in using his business experience and language skills to find a career that will allow him build relations between Latin America and the Asia-Pacific.


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