MIM Survival Guide: How to Get Around

This is part of a new series to showcase all the details you need to know about the MIM program. The post below showcases the different transportation methods, both public and private, that can transport students across the Portland Metro Area. 


The Portland Streetcar: Free to PSU students!


Public Transportation

Since moving to Portland I’ve found that public transportation is a breeze through Trimet, our local public transportation system, and that I definitely do not miss driving around. Trimet offers bus, light rail, and commuter rail transportation throughout the Portland Metro Area. The Street Car runs right through campus to NW and SE Portland, and is still free to all PSU students!

The Max light rail train has four lines which extend to major hubs of the Portland Metro Area. Both the green and yellow lines run through PSU, but there is a connection to both the red and blue lines at Portland’s Pioneer Square. Below is Trimet’s map of the Max lines. The Wes light rail extends from the Beaverton Town Center (just noted as Beaverton on the map) down to Wilsonville.

The fare for all public transportation is currently $2.50 for a 2-hour pass, and $5.00 for an all day pass. These passes allow you to move between Trimet transportation systems during the timeline without having to pay for an additional pass. Trimet also has a trip planner on its website that can help you map out your trip from the starting point to your destination: www.trimet.com. There books of tickets and 1-month passes that you can purchase through Trimet’s website as well.



For short trips when you do need a car, Car2GO offers a line of 237 smart cars (fully electric or gas) for $0.38 per minute. This is essentially a car sharing system, which means each member can drive then park a Car2GO smart car that can later be driven by someone else. Car2GO’s website and mobile app showcase a map with all the current locations of available smart cars from which you can reserve a car, or simply go to one. How it works is once you pay a membership fee of $35 (one time only) you will receive a membership card in the mail. Once you locate or reserve a smart car, hold the membership card against the card reader on the windshield and the car will unlock. A red light will light up on the card reader and this indicates that your trip has started! Just remember to park within the Home Area at the end of your trip. For more information, visit https://www.car2go.com/en/portland/.


While similar to Car2GO in that membership cards are necessary to unlock these vehicles, Zipcar offers 20 different car models from pickups to sedans. Reservations are required before you use Zipcar vehicles and each car must be returned to the same parking space at the end of your trip. It’s best to use Zipcar for longer trips, when two or more people are traveling with you, or for trips requiring lots of trunk space. Zipcar has a few different rate systems for their users to choose from, but all require an initial $25 application fee. Unless you choose to pay for the extra value plan, all trips are $8.25 an hour or up to $73 per day. Go to Zipcar.com for more information.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to add them below or email us at askmim@pdx.edu. You can also message or tweet us your questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Juli Tejadilla


  Juli Tejadilla is a full-time student in the Masters of International Management program. She previously graduated with two Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Studio Art from Linfield College. While her interest in international business began as an undergraduate student, she has been traveling around the world since she was nine months old. She hopes through the MIM program to learn key insights to conduct business internationally and to establish herself as a global citizen.


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