MIM “Bro Night”

IMG_1625What’s better than being able to earn a graduate business degree alongside students from all over the world? Being able to stay connected with other MIM alumni from all over the world.

Several MIM students got together recently for an unofficial but annual tradition affectionately dubbed “Bro Night”, for a night of drinks, billiards, and mingling with MIM students, both past and present.

Since the MIM program runs on a cohort system, many MIM students find that they are able to build some lasting connections with their fellow classmates over the course of their program. There are also opportunities as a MIM student to meet people who graduated in previous years, which can be a great way to learn about how to transition from being a student to landing a job after grad school, and building a career later too (not to mention some good conversations and meals shared together). So, keep in touch with your fellow MIM alumni!

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Joshua Thorpe

mail.google.comJosh is a full-time student in the Master of International Management program.  After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Japanese, he taught English in Tokyo for 3 years, before moving to China and teaching at a university in the city of Zhengzhou.  Inspired by his experiences in Japan and China, he was drawn to the MIM program because of its regional focus on Asia, as well as for Portland State University’s reputation as a leader in the field of sustainable business. He is studying Chinese in the MIM program, but tries to keep up his Japanese whenever he can.


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