Introducing the New Class Representatives Committee


MIM Class Representatives from left to right: Ian Wu, Qijun Fang, Ben Exstrom, Scott Kane, Joe Colistro and Sageemas Nigarnkul

Earlier this year as a part of program director Piman Limpaphayom’s goal to create a greater connection between MIM students and program management, the student body held a vote for the Class Representatives Committee. The committee will act as a liaison between students and management, but will also work towards creating a sense of group identity within the MIM cohort. Currently, the new committee is working hard to create unique and engaging events that will bring together full-time and part-time students, as well as students of the newest cohort. Some of the activities MIM students may look forward to this summer are happy hours, tours, and team building exercises. More information will be available on the MIM Facebook page and Facebook Group. If you are a new student to the MIM program, please contact Ben Exstrom through Facebook to be invited to the group.

The Class Representatives Committee includes two presidents, Joe Colistro and Sageemas Nigarnkul. Joe is a Portland native and is specializing in supply chain and logistics, while Sageemas (we call her Gee for short) is from Thailand and specializes in marketing. The other class representatives include Ben Exstrom, Scott Kane, Kuanying (Ian) Wu, and Qijun Fang. Ben and Scott are both part-time students enjoying their last few terms before graduation, while Ian and Fang are full-time students set to graduate in December.

Juli Tejadilla


  Juli Tejadilla is a full-time student in the Masters of International Management program. She previously graduated with two Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Studio Art from Linfield College. While her interest in international business began as an undergraduate student, she has been traveling around the world since she was nine months old.  She hopes through the MIM program to learn key insights to conduct business internationally and to establish herself as a global citizen.


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