A Small Break For MIM Students

Two weeks ago the difficult spring term concluded for MIM students, many of whom decided to use their free time to take a few trips around the US. Find out who went where below:


Two friends join MIM students Ashton Liao (right center) and Sebastien Dejoie (far right) on an excursion to Crater Lake. MIM student Anthony Coronado is taking the picture.

MIM students Anthony Coronado, Ashton Liao,and Sebastien Dejoie decided to take a break from moving this last week to drive down to Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States and seventh deepest in the world.


“Visited some old friends in the Bay Area, and visited the Google HQ!”- Mengyao Luan

Mengyao Luan, a full-time student taking a focus in marketing, went down to San Francisco to visit friends and check out Google headquarters.


Hao Shi took a tour of the East Coast last week through Washington D.C., New York, and Boston. He visited the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the National Mall Museums, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and even Niagara Falls.


MIM student Pang Sakolvipas poses in front of the Grand Canyon.


Pang Sakolvipas with family in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

MIM student Pang Sakolvipas went on a tour with family and friends through Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park. Her tour guide spoke both English and Chinese on the tour, which was a great opportunity since she has been learning Chinese throughout the MIM program. Pang stated “it was an intensive trip, but I had a lot of fun,” and was able to pack many activities into one week, including a Las Vegas show and a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Of course, after her return flight on Monday she immediately had a team meeting for her capstone.

MIM students rarely rest, and as Pang said we “study hard, and travel harder.”

Juli Tejadilla


  Juli Tejadilla is a full-time student in the Masters of International Management program. She previously graduated with two Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Studio Art from Linfield College. While her interest in international business began as an undergraduate student, she has been traveling around the world since she was nine months old. She hopes through the MIM program to learn key insights to conduct business internationally and to establish herself as a global citizen.


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