Careers in International Business Event

IMG_0457The graduate business programs office at PSU is very good at organizing events to help students learn about careers and connect to business professionals in the Portland community. One recent event was the Careers in International Business event, which featured 8 panelists from companies such as DHL, Daimler, Nike, EcoZoom, and Mercy Corps. These panelists hold a variety of positions within their organizations, and MIM students had the opportunity to meet with them face to face to get some insights into the career opportunities in their respective fields.




Other career events that are held throughout the year include workshops on resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and workshops specifically for students who are changing careers. These are events that are exclusively for graduate business students. And since the MIM program is only 15 months long, students who hope to have a job at the time that they graduate should get involved with career and job search planning as early as possible. For more information on the career workshops and events available to PSU graduate business students, please contact career advisor Jodi Nelson at




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