Asia-Pacific News Highlights April 1-7

AA040001This week’s articles cover China’s branding difficulties, the US’s failure to globalize, internet censorship in China, South Korean’s downplaying the threat of war, and Anime for beginners.

From the Washington Post – Only 6% of American consumers can name a Chinese branding. This is a problem if Chinese companies want to grab more of the US market.

From Quartz – America seems to be everywhere, McDonalds, Starbucks, pop music, etc. etc. However, some would argue this doesn’t reflect our level of integration into the global economy.

From the Economist – The web remains a controversial place in China. It has given a voice to hundreds of millions of people, while giving the autocratic state another means to crack down on dissent.

From the NY Times – With tensions rising in the Korean peninsula, some in the South have seen this all before and see little reason for concern.

From the Guardian – Our Asia field study opened our eyes to many new forms of entertainment. Here is a very brief introduction to the world of Japanese Anime.


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