Student Profile – Cari Yohnka

When I first met Cari I thought she was a part time student because of how often she worked. Between working full-time during the early morning or late evening along with a full course load during the day it blows my mind how she does it all! While many of us are relaxing over the  holiday visiting friends and family, Cari is in Australia working at her company’s headquarters in Melbourne. She is  enjoying the early summer weather

From Phillip Island looking south towards Antarctica waiting for the Little Penguins to come ashore

From Phillip Island looking south towards Antarctica waiting for the Little Penguins to come ashore

as she visits the “home” office. She is also meeting many of the software developers, marketing managers, financial managers, and assorted others in person for the first time. At this time they are working on the company’s growth strategy, and how they are going to incorporate a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States.

Cari was born in Las Vegas, Nevada she has also lived in the Midwest and Southwest USA. Cari moved to the Pacific Northwest to find some place green after being in Arizona too long. She has also lived in Iran and studied in Russia.

Cari currently works for PaperCut Software, the company develops PaperCut print management and auditing software. Currently she is working as technical support for Western Europe and the  East Coast of the US.  Cari is also working with some of the staff to develop a better go to market strategy for Asia, as the Australian government is encouraging business in that region of the world. Cari shares that because she works in a small office almost everyone has more than one job description and it can be challenging at times, but that’s also half of the fun.

Cari tripped into working with computers right out of high school and eventually wound up becoming MCSE certified and pursuing a career in IT, doing both network administration and software quality assurance. After being laid off from her job in 2009, she decided to pursue a degree outside the IT field and went to work for Portland State University as a student employee. While in that position she was tasked with finding a print management solution to help PSU reduce the amount of excessive printing. This project introduced her to a very well made product called PaperCut. Cari soon heard that the company had a position open for a support person in Portland, having worked closely with the company while PSU evaluated, purchased, and implemented their software, she leaped at the chance to work with them! This position makes full use of her network administration skills, customer

A view of the Central Business District from the Central Train Station

A view of the Central Business District from the Central Train Station

service skills, and as she is learning more from the MIM program, she is making use of the new skills to help the company grow.

Cari chose the MIM program because it focuses on learning skill sets that can be applied globally, rather than purely in the US. Working for an Australian company, a good understanding of the impact of foreign exchange, multi-national regulations, and different cultures is vital. Additionally, the fact that their product is sold around the world means all of their support staff has to be culturally aware when working with any of their

From Southbank looking north into the Central Business District

From Southbank looking north into the Central Business District

international customers. Another thing that sold her was the focus on the Pacific Rim, as Asia is an emerging part of the world, it will be an advantage  knowing how to work with people from the cultures in that region.

Reflecting on Fall term,  Cari  enjoyed the psychological aspects of the Intercultural Communications class and she thought the Accounting for Global Enterprises class was the most challenging and interesting. Cari found it surprising how much one can learn from a company’s financial statements, from where they are in their development to where they are likely going. Adding information about the complexities of foreign exchange, coupled with the fact the company she works for is in Australia was interesting, as she could see the every day impact of exchange rates and lack of hedges on her company.

After graduation Cari would like to continue to work with PaperCut,  as the company is growing globally, she has the opportunity to work on future challenges worldwide.

Susan Forrester


 Susan Forrester is a full-time student in the Masters in International Management program. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Portland State University. After living in Seoul, South Korea for two years she was interested in finding a career that linked Oregon and Asia together through trade. Susan enjoys the diverse background of the MIM student body that allows her to frequently practice her beginner level Chinese.


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