Post Graduated Interview

MIM class of 2012 has done with their classes including their capstone project. Today I have interviewed one of the MIMers from Taipei, Taiwan. 

His name is Weiyi Lin. He came to the United States about three years ago and now finishing his Master Degree from Portland State University. During his study at MIM, he chose to focus his study in Global Marketing because marketing is very interesting and creative, thus, the job field in Taiwan is very popular for marketing specialist. Prior to his graduation, he got an offer from his capstone project client, Elemental Technologies, to work as an intern in marketing department to assist the company in market analysis. He really thankful to Elemental Technologies who has given him this great opportunity to gain an experience and knowledge in working in American company and industry. MIM program has given a great opportunity through its capstone project to work with the local company to help them solve them problems as well as gaining an experience and opportunity to learn from them in a real-world situation.

Elemental Technologies is a software company located in Portland, Oregon that specializes in providing massively parallel processing solutions. It creates software that uses GPU to perform multi-screen video encoding, decoding, transcoding, and a pixel processing tasks on commodity hardware for adaptive bit rate streaming of video over IP networks.

Thunyarak “Goy” Katikavongkhachorn

Thunyarak Katikavongkhachorn or Goy is a full-time student in Master of International Management Program. She received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Portland State University. She was interested in studying MIM program because she would like to broaden her career in supply chain and logistics at the global level that focusing on Pacific Asia while studying Chinese as a third language. She currently specialize in supply chain and finance in the MIM program.

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