Welcome to Global Immersion Week

November is a month for the Global Immersion, which is  a high pressure, case-based role-play competition designed to test the key skills that MIMers have learned in the MIM program on a real business issue.

MIMers will be part of a 7-person team of consultants tasked with developing a growth strategy for a local company and presenting that strategy to a panel of judges (including the company’s senior management) who will determine which team will be named the Global Immersion Champions. The strategy and presentation will call on a combination of hard business skills (market analysis, strategic positioning, financial analysis, supply chain management), as well as cultural awareness, research and presentation skills and, most importantly, the ability to work effectively as a team, demonstrating an appropriate combination of leadership, independence and group synergy.

The Global Immersion event is conducted in 3 days; Friday, November 9, Saturday, November 10, and  Sunday, November 11 at Courtyard by Marriott.

We all are looking forward to this event. See you all on Friday!!


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