Student Profile: Sageemas Nigarnkul (Gee)

Welcome to the first week of classes! Today we are introducing a new MIM student from Bangkok,Thailand. Her name is Sageemas Nigarnkul or Gee. She received her Bachelor Degree in Marketing from Thammasat University located in Bangkok, Thailand. After graduated she has worked for Tesco as a Marketing Executive in Thailand for a few years. After a few years of work experience at Tesco, she would like to paving a better career path in the future as well as gaining the needed skills to help her advancing in the future career by pursuing a Master Degree. She has decided to enrolling in Master of International Management at Portland State University because the program offers a shorter length of curriculum than any other graduate programs. The MIM program offers a unique business courses focusing on Asia Pacific. She believes the market in Asia Pacific has high potential in growing and opportunities in the near future. Additionally, as part of the curriculum, MIM program required students to take additional language class in either Japanese or Chinese. By gaining the knowledge of another language, it will be the gate to broaden her perspective in cultural differences and potentially knowing what is appropriate or inappropriate when working or doing business in those countries. She has chosen to study Chinese because it is widely use in Asia. She believes there is more job opportunities and competitive advantage skills by studying Chinese.

Thunyarak “Goy” Katikavongkhachorn

Thunyarak Katikavongkhachorn or Goy is a full-time student in Master of International Management Program. She received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Portland State University. She was interested in studying MIM program because she would like to broaden her career in supply chain and logistics at the global level that focusing on Pacific Asia while studying Chinese as a third language. She currently specialize in supply chain and finance in the MIM program.

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