Hello Fall Term!!

Welcome to Fall term 2012. Today is September 24 which is the first day of Fall term. After long Summer break, both current and  new MIMers are excited to be back to the school and enjoy all classes. 

For the current MIMers (Full-Time), this is the last term for us, and we will graduate in this coming December. For this term, we will study for 14 credits and also work on our exit project. All are ready for the school. Beyond that, we are ready for our hooding ceremony in this December!! For the Part Time current MIMers (Full-Time), this is their second year of MIM program. They are also excited to study, meet classmates, and enjoy the class. They will start to study the language (Chinese or Japanese) in this term. Enjoy!!

For the new MIMers, this is the first time for them to study official MIM classes. Some of them had been studied the prerequisites (Pre-MIM) during Summer, some did not. However, they all are ready for the school. We wish all of you enjoy all MIM classes.

 Although the MIM classes are tough and super busy, MIMers are ready for those!!! Fighting MIMers


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