Tips for doing business in India

The Republic of India is a country in South Asia which is the seventh-largest by area and the second-most populous country in the world. According to the Wold Bank data, the Indian economy is the world’s tenth-largest by nominal GDP and third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Thus, many investors would like to invest in India. Today, we have tips for doing business in India for everyone. 

  • Take time to make friendly small talk at the start of a meeting. Asking questions about your counterparts’ families is a good way to build rapport and establish trust.
  • Use the appropriate title when addressing your Indian colleagues.
  • Business meetings usually start with a handshake but avoid shaking the hand of female colleagues unless initiated by them.
  • Remember that ‘yes’ may not always mean ‘yes’. Indians tend to avoid saying ‘no’ as it can cause them to lose face.
  • Try to avoid expressing disagreement directly as this can also cause loss of face.
  • Be patient. Business often takes longer in India but do your best not to show frustration or anger.
  • Be aware that India is home to many different religions, all of which may impact business in slightly different ways.
  • When entertaining, bear in mind that most Indians are traditionally vegetarian and do not drink alcohol.
  • Small gifts from your own culture are always appreciated but it is advisable not to give expensive gifts.
  • Do your research ahead of time. India is an immense country with many cultural differences from north to south. Read about where your counterparts come from to understand more about their background, traditions and customs.

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Jaraswan Jarasjaruwan or Pear is a full-time MIM student. She got a Bachelor’s of Science from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. After she graduated, she worked as an educational consultant in Thailand for 2 years. Pear chose to study international business at Portland State University because she is interested in the business field and also the reputation of the university. Currently, Pear is studying Chinese as a third language. Also, she will choose Global Marketing as her specialization in the Master of International Management program.

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