How to be an effective leader within a global organization

According to globalization, our world becomes smaller. No one can avoid inter connectivity. A lot of people have to work in global company as a manager, president, and so on. Being a management level is not hard, but being and effective management level is not that easy. Today, we would like to share necessary tips for management level or leader in global organization to follow and being effective leader within the global organization.

  1. Good leaders know themselves. Good leaders must know themselves because it is very important. Knowing oneself is necessary when faced with challenges or ethical choices, communicating with those who have different ideas, making decisions, and identifying sources of satisfaction. Moreover, an effective leader is not afraid to take on responsibilities. Sometimes it requires putting the organization or group first—and keeping it there.
  2. Good leaders know they don’t know everything. Effective leader is one who knows it all is one of the most dangerous misconceptions about leadership. Human frailty comes into play whether sitting in a cubicle or a corner office. So while the ultimate decision and responsibility may lie with one individual, it is incumbent upon her or him to gather information and trust others’ points of view before developing a plan of action.
  3. Good leaders are open to change. Good leader must be open-minded and accept other opinion and be ready to change if other idea is better. Good leader also be flexible to allow subordinates to share their point of view and choose the best one for the organization.
  4. Faces and Solves Problems Once the good leader has observed and is satisfied that she has uncovered the truth, she then sets out to solve the problem. She doesn’t procrastinate or spend too much time gathering unnecessary additional data. She gets the right people involved right away, she tells them what she has observed, tells them what she’s decided to do so far, and then works with their help to solve the problem. In the course of solving that problem, they may uncover others. She takes the same approach with each new problem.
  5. Communicates Consistently, Clearly, Concisely. The effective leaders communicate regularly, clearly, and concisely. Because they have been humble and objective enough to get the real story, whatever they say rings true to those hearing it. The listeners are open to whatever comes next – a solution or a new directive. Communication is not just about talking and writing. It’s also about behavior and character. If you say one thing and behave differently, your character will come into question. Once people start to be suspicious of your character, they are no longer following. They are holding back and questioning.
  6. Gives Clear Direction The effective leader gives clear directions. He works out how a project should proceed, then presents the plan in a well-organized, logical fashion that is easy for his customers, employees, or partners to understand and act upon.
  7. Has a Sense of Humor. Running a company is serious business, but if you can’t laugh once and a while, you’re not going to be an effective leader. Self-deprecating humor is best, but that can also be taken too far. A business owner or CEO who constantly makes fun of himself will erode confidence in his abilities. It’s a balance, as are most things in life.
Jaraswan Jarasjaruwan or Pear is a full-time MIM student. She got a Bachelor’s of Science from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. After she graduated, she worked as an educational consultant in Thailand for 2 years. Pear chose to study international business at Portland State University because she is interested in the business field and also the reputation of the university. Currently, Pear is studying Chinese as a third language. Also, she will choose Global Marketing as her specialization in the Master of International Management program.

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