Getting to know the MIM Students from China and Taiwan: Nan Miao and Cheng Che Wu

Hi, everyone! My name is Nan Miao (Nancy), and I come from China. I graduated from Jiangnan University in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, an economically high-developed area in Central-eastern China and also my hometown, with the major of business administration- international business. Out of interest, I campaigned for and was elected as a secretariat staff of the College Student Union and the Chairperson of college Amine Society.

I am an open and lively girl with the feature of “Sunshine-Yellow” based on the Insights Color Dynamics Test. I have broad interests and hobbies include literature reading (esp. whodunit) and writing, cooking, singing, COSPLAY and living theatre performance, dancing, and martial art (Shadowboxing and Taekwondo).

Why MIM?: According to my hometown is a rapidly internationalizing city with many transnational enterprises, especially Japanese, Korean and American companies. I have certain knowledge about those transnational companies and their cultures due to my interest in international business and culture of eastern Asian. Also, among many excellent business master programs, MIM program offered by PSU is the most suitable one to help me in realizing my plan of life. The program focuses on Asia-Pacific market, or more specifically, eastern Asian market of China, Japan and Korea. This highly corresponds to my future career direction. I believe my study in Portland State University would become the most valuable experience to my future career and life.


My name is Cheng-Che Wu, and I am from Taiwan. My bachelor degree is international business administration. My family owns a small manufactory, and I worked as salesman in family business for half year after I graduated. In order to lead family business better, I decided to study abroad. I know I need to learn something I cannot receive in my country, and they are language and business concepts from other countries. Studying in MIM Program, I am taking spoken Japanese class and classmates are willing to share their point of views in classes. I am very happy to be one of members at MIM program.

Why MIM?: The main purpose of MIM program at PSU is to make students skilled in doing business in Asia. Moreover this program requires that students have to learn Chinese or Japanese. among all international business programs in the USA, I think MIM program at PSU is the best choice to me!


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