Business Strategy Class

On behalf of MIM student, I had a chance to study Global Business Strategy during the first term (Fall 2011). I gained a lot of knowledge from this class, not only studying theories of many strategies, but also applying them.

The Professor Grant taught us many analysis methods to evaluate business situation, to adapt strategy with company’s situation and to improve the company. We studied many strategies such as SWOT, Five Competitive Forces, and so on. For example, SWOT analysis which is a particular tool which is a valuable step for analysis the company. It is important and helpful technique for understanding companies’ Strengths and Weakness. In addition, it can identify both the Opportunities that open to companies and the Threats that company has to face. Strengths and weakness are often internal to company while opportunities and threats are generally related to external factors. Therefore, the SWOT test is sometime called Internal-External Analysis. However, every strategy had weak point, so we need to choose the suitable strategy to match with certain problem of the company.

In addition, we had a chance to work as a team to analyze many cases study which helped me understand the real situation of business world and how to use strategies to deal with that. The professor will ask us to be consultant who gave an advice to the company. This helped me to broaden my vision because I had to analyze and chose the appropriate strategy to solve problem or apply to company’s situation. Also, I can share my opinion and exchange with teammate and classmate. I also realized Pro and Con of the strategy, so it helped me choose the right strategy to analyze situation and solve problem. I can say that I gain lots of knowledge from this class. It helped me deepen and sharpen my knowledge to be a good business leader in the future.

Jaraswan Jarasjaruwan or Pear is a full-time MIM student. She got a Bachelor’s of Science from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. After she graduated, she worked as an educational consultant in Thailand for 2 years. Pear chose to study international business at Portland State University because she is interested in the business field and also the reputation of the university. Currently, Pear is studying Chinese as a third language. Also, she will choose Finance as her specialization in the Master of International Management program.


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  1. I always found it important to consider both SWOT analysis and TOWS analysis – TOWS is the exact same thing, only backwards. Focus first on external factors driving the market, then on the individual characteristics of your business. It applies more for marketing strategy, but is a useful tool if you split off and have part of the team start with SWOT and part with TOWS … you might find they yield very different results.

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