A memorable trip in Asia, The First Journey: Japan: The Land of Rising Sun.

Asia trip for 3 weeks is the highlight of Master of International Management (MIM) program at Portland State University (PSU). All MIM students (MIMers) are looking forward to join the trip because this is the greatest opportunity for us to visit many factories in Japan, South Korea, and China. 

After all MIMers finished final exam on Mar 2, 2012. All MIMers are really excited because we will go to Asia trip for 3 weeks. We will go to visit factories together, travel together, hang out together, and also fasten our friendship.

On Mar 4, 2012, everyone showed up at Portland International Airport (PDX) with big smile, which show that everyone is ready for the trip. We were talking about the factories that we will visit, what we will do in free day, and what we will buy as a gift for family and friends. We leaf the PDX at 12.00 PM. The first country that we visited is Japan. We flied around 11 hours, and we had arrived Japan at 5 PM. We stayed at Prince Hotel which located in Shinakawa area.

Visiting Kewpie Factory

The first day in Japan: All MIMers went to Kewpie Corporation, the well known mayonnaise manufacturer. We gained lot of knowledge about process to manufacture mayonnaise and dressing, company’s strategy, company’s vision and mission. We all had arrived back hotel at 5 PM. In the evening, everyone went out to have dinner and took a photo in many famous places such as Tokyo Tower, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, and so on. For me, I went to Ginza to meet my Japanese friends. We had a great dinner together. After that, we walked around Ginza area, took many photos, and impressed with Japanese culture and Japan night life.

On the second day:We all went to Nissan Company in the morning. Nissan Company is a leading automobile manufacturer in the world. We had learned the company’s strategy to develop their product to be up-to-date and have more competitive advantage in the automobile market.

Visiting Nissan

In the afternoon, we went to visit JFE Steel Corporation which is the leading company in Japan. We had a chance to see the production process in the control room and gained all information about the method to make the high quality steel to the market. After we finished factory tour, we all got back to the hotel and dress up because we will have a welcome party. It is a norm that all MIMers will hold a welcome party in Japan. We all had dinner together. This was so much fun and really impressed me because I had dinner with all of my classmates. We talked more, know each other more and more, and also fasten our friendship.

Fish Market

On the third day is a free day: My friend and I woke up in the morning and went to fish market called Tsukiji. There are many kinds of fish and other seafood here. All sushi restaurants around Tokyo will come here to get the fresh fish and other seafood. After walking around in fish market, we had a fresh sushi in the well known restaurant. It is so awesome that we had a fresh sushi with authentic taste. After we finished lunch, we went to Asakusa, the famous temple in Japan. We took many photos, bought a lot of souvenirs, and did everything that Japanese people believe such as respected Buddha, asked for the fortune, and so on. In the afternoon, we went to the Sweet Forest, which is the place that has variety of dessert. There are many famous bakery shops in Japan located in this area. We had yummy and marvelous cakes in town. How lucky we are!!

In the evening, we went to Harajuku for shopping at Kiddyland, which is the wonderful place for all cartoon and Sanrio lover. There are many cute stuffs which are reasonable price. After that, we went to Shinjuku. We walked around there and took many photos, and we had Shabu-Shabu (Japanese Hot Pot) for our dinner. This free day was super awesome and really wonderful.

At Asakusa Temple

After we spent 3 days in Tokyo, this is a last day in Tokyo. We had  lectures in the morning. We were beholden from Mr. Yamada from Kao Company and Mr. Yamazaki from Nissan to give us an important lecture about marketing development and global warming respectively. This helps us had more understanding in Japanese culture, business culture in Japan, and how to do business and succeed. After we were done with lectures, we had lunch, packed our luggage and ready to fly to the land of Kimchi, Korea. We all know there are many things in Korea waiting for us to explore and learn.

To be continue in the land of Kimchi, South Korea


Jaraswan Jarasjaruwan or Pear is a full-time MIM student. She got a Bachelor’s of Science from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. After she graduated, she worked as an educational consultant in Thailand for 2 years. Pear chose to study international business at Portland State University because she is interested in the business field and also the reputation of the university. Currently, Pear is studying Chinese as a third language. Also, she will choose Finance as her specialization in the Master of International Management program.

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