MIM Alumni Profile: Stephanie Peters, Sports Marketing

Name: Stephanie Peters
Company:  adidas
Company/Job Location: adidas americas, Portland Oregon
Job Title: Retail Marketing Manager, Running & Soccer
Duration: 4 months
MIM Graduation Date: August 2007 

How did you find your job? 

Networking – colleague recommendation.

Please tell us about the interview process for your position

5 rounds of interviews, including 1 presentation to a panel of 5 people.

Is your current job in line with your previous work and professional experience or is this a career change?

Consistent with my experience, however, it is a shift to focus primarily on communications at retail.

What is your job like on a daily basis?

Managing vendors, managing the creative process from concept to production and install, selling in concepts/tools internally to get buy-in for creation, managing budgets and timelines, meeting with internal teams to create integrated plans, brainstorming our target consumers’ mindset, activity, etc.

Is there any travel associated with your position?

Yes – events, market trips, meetings at HQ, etc.

What do you really love most about your job, position or company?

I absolutely love the culture and heritage of the brand. Adi Dassler originally started making products in the early 1920s to help himself and other athletes excel in sport. This is an integral part of how we think, act and play.  Testing product is fun too!

What do you think is your most valuable take-away from the MIM program?

Presentation skills, negotiating skills and cross cultural communication skills.

What is your favorite memory of the MIM program?

The Asia trip! … and learning Chinese.

What advice can you provide to current and future MIM students?

Follow your passion, and make sure you have a piece of it in everything you’re doing.  It will pay off!


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