Networking in the MIM—Connect 2 Community Alumni Mixer

During my MIM orientation back in 2010, I remember Dr. Cliff Allen mentioning several times that one of the most important aspects of a graduate business degree is the network that a student develops during their time in the program. He went as far as to say that if you felt that a networking opportunity seemed important, that it might even be justifiable to skip class! I have never worked up the guts to miss any of Dr. Allen’s classes, but I was lucky enough to have been free last week for the PSU School of Business Administration’s Connect 2 Community alumni event. This mixer is held quarterly at a local establishment and is open to all SBA alums from all graduate disciplines.Current and prospective students are also permitted to attend the event.

I chose a great night to go to C2C, as PSU President, Wim Wiewel addressed the group and updated us on the forward-looking objectives of the university. As PSU grows and the SBA gains more recognition, he told the group, the more our degrees are worth. He also reminded everyone in the room that graduates play a big part in establishing a stronger, more economically vibrant city, and help the university to be a part of that.

C2C was also a great way to connect with alums from years past who are established in their careers and who might be good leads in the job hunt. A close friend of mine from the class of 2011 got at least 5 contacts from another MIM alum who has strong connections in the supply chain industry in Portland! I, even as a current student with a job, was approached by several MIM and MBA alums who are interested in the company I work for. Although the people I met may not have been interested in my department, they now know someone to refer to within my organization when they apply for a job.

Connect 2 Community is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about the goings on with the rest of the SBA and stay in touch with old classmates. Check out PSU’s SBA events calendar for upcoming events, and the SBA Alumni Involvement page for more information.

Emily is in year two of the part-time Master of International Management experience. She brings a great amount of world travel and professional experience to the program. After two years of living in Taiwan, Emily returned to her native Portland to start the MIM in 2010. Emily currently works in global logistics for a Portland-based footwear company and is passionate about the burgeoning outdoor industry in the Pacific Northwest. Emily has pursued the supply and logistics specialization of the MIM, and is currently studying Mandarin Chinese.


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