Pollution Problems Persist in China–Air Quality in Beijing, Shanghai

The subject of pollution in China is definitely not a new one. Over the last week there have been reports from The New York Times, NBC News, All Roads Lead to China, and Shanghaiist about continued issues of air quality and pollution in Beijing and Shanghai. Reports have emphasized photos of the incredible pollution in major cities—like the fog of San Francisco, but instead a putrid green/yellow color. And as the Global Carbon Project has indicated an increase in carbon emissions, it’s not wonder there’s an issue. Below you’ll find links to several of the articles that discuss China’s pollution issues.

What are your thoughts about the emissions/air-pollution issues in China? Should there be more regulation? What could China do to move in the right direction? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Ryan is a part of the Master of International Management full-time 2012 cohort, and a MIM Student Ambassador. Currently he works within the Willamette Valley wine industry as a social media consultant, and wants to broaden his career in marketing to a global level through the MIM program. His favorite aspects of MIM are networking with other students from around the world and learning Mandarin Chinese. Ryan is passionate about food, wine, and travel and writes on these topics for other sites. Visit Ryan’s site here.


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