Getting to Know MIM Students from Thailand: Piangdao Noksapa and Issiree Arnonkitpanich

We have asked MIM students why they chose to attend Portland State University, and what drew them to the Master of International Management program. In an on-going series, we would like to introduce them to you, this week featuring Piangdao Noksapa and Issiree Arnonkitpanich

What brought you to Portland State University to join the Master of International Management program? Please share your stories in the comments!

Piangdao “Mei” Noksapa

I am Piangdao, or Mei, from Bangkok, Thailand. I received a bachelor’s degree from Thammasat University in Thailand, majoring in international business, logistics, and transportation. After graduating, I decided to extend my knowledge by doing an internship in Canada and learning Korean in Seoul, South Korea. Later, I worked as an exporting sales associate in Honda Trading Asia and was a Thai language teacher for foreigners as a part time job. In my free time, I love to travel around and take pictures. My expectation from MIM is to build global connections and to extend my business knowledge in order to be successful in the near future.

Why MIM? – The reason why I chose this program is because the overall curriculum is interesting. Besides, we can build competitive advantages by learning Chinese or Japanese for our future careers. Since globalization plays a vital role in business world, the MIM program is definitely good at matching all classes with current global events.

Issiree “Joy” Arnonkitpanich

My name is Issiree Arnonkitpanich or I go by Joy. I’m originally from Bangkok Thailand, and have lived in Oregon for a year. I am 27 years old. After I worked for two years, I wanted to continue my studies. Thus, I chose MIM which has four international business specializations. One of those specializations is Supply Chain Management, which has become a significant part of businesses nowadays. Additionally, the third language is another factor that I considered. The MIM program provides either Chinese or Japanese as mandatory courses. I chose Chinese because I personally thought that it must be useful for my future career and dealing with Chinese business people. Since I became a MIMer, I have gained a lot of knowledge. I do believe that the MIM program will lead me to achieve my career goals.

Why MIM? – I was interested in the MIM program because of an outstanding curriculum. Not only do I get to study a strong business curriculum, I am able to learn a third language, either Chinese or Japanese. Additionally, I have met both international and domestic students in my cohort. This has helped me to build a network. Lastly, I believe that the knowledge gained from MIM will broaden my horizons and strengthen my personal brand.


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  1. It’s good to see someone thniknig it through.

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