What to Expect in MIM 509: Global Business Immersion

A few weeks ago Dec 2011 Master in International Management candidates finished their final class, MIM 509 Global Business Immersion. Immersion is an intense weekend of analyzing, strategizing, research, and competition. This is a weekend class where MIMers have the opportunity to “put it all together” – everything they have learned, experienced, and studied in their 15-27 months in the program (15 months for full time and 27 months for part time students).

2011 Global Immersion judges and winners, Team Bain, led by Emily Davis, part time MIM student.

What can current and future MIMers look forward to in Immersion weekend? Here is the basic breakdown of what students can expect.

Thursday 6pm-7pm you pick up your case study, which has been a secret up until this point. The case study covers a current business issue and is not one that students have previously encountered throughout the program. That night, you read and study the case. If you are an over-achiever you will even do some independent research and maybe even get some spreadsheets going (be that over-achiever – your team will thank you later).

Friday 9am-closing you will meet as a class at the designated location (usually a hotel in downtown Portland or near campus) with the participating professors/consultants/judges to review the Friday, Saturday, Sunday schedule. You will get your team assignments, each team will be made up of roughly eight students and you will find out which of the professors/consultants have been assigned to your team. From that point on you will remain with your team in your designated conference room strategizing, researching, and putting together your PowerPoint presentations for Saturday’s judging panel. Your professor will be present in the conference room to listen in and observe team dynamics until 5pm that night. Occasionally a few other professors will rotate through to question your team’s direction and methodology and provide feedback. Some teams left as “early” as 8:30pm while others were working past 11pm.

Saturday 9am-closing everyone meets with their team in their own conference rooms while three professors – specialists in their areas, will rotate through, review relevant areas of the PowerPoint presentations (strategy, marketing, and finance) and provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Teams have a few hours make updates and changes to PowerPoints and rehearse for final presentations. Final presentations will take place at 2pm, where a panel of judges who have not been involved in consulting or preparation of the presentation, will observe and then question your team. After much deliberation, two finalists (teams) are chosen by 4pm. The two teams will refine their presentations for the final competition on Sunday.

Sunday 1pm-4pm everyone meets as a class to watch the two finalist teams present in front of a larger group of judges. A guest judge, usually the team leader of the previous year’s winning team will be present. Only one team can win the Global Business Immersion title and walk away with certificates of “Global Business Immersion competition winner,” but everyone can participate in the celebratory group toast at the end of the final MIM class!


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