The Best Marketing Class Ever: Global Marketing

During the first term of MIM, students take a Global Marketing class with Professor Brian McCarthy. Personally, I can say that this class is the best marketing class I have taken! I gained a lot of knowledge from this class, not only studying theories of marketing, but also applying them.

To begin with, I had read global marketing cases study and shared short comments on the Marketing course blog every week. Also, I had to discuss case studies, share comment with my classmates, and give short presentations based on the material. This is the first step which helps me improve my presentation skills and become a more professional presenter. In addition, I learned that different businesses have different marketing strategies, and I gained an appreciation for different marketing strategies applied in different kinds of business every week.

Moreover, part of the course required students to play a marketing simulation game called Marketplace Live. It helped me better understand what the real marketing world is like because it is designed for the Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, and Capstone Marketing courses. It exposes all the aspects of modern marketing. In the Markeplace Live, students form diverse groups of 4-6 people, including domestic students and international students; we were responsible for designing and marketing a new line of PCs around the world. It was a great opportunity for all students to share our experiences, ideas, and cultures with each other. It opened our minds to accept other ideas and create the best strategy for our group to play the Markeplace Live.

The decision content includes market opportunity analysis, brand development, advertising, pricing, and sales force management decisions. It also includes profitability projections and profitability analysis decisions. Also, Markeplace Live allows us to develop and execute a complete marketing strategy, including brand design, pricing, ad copy design, media placement, distribution, and sales force management. Through Markeplace Live, we learned to study competitive tactics and adjust our marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, we did a presentation about some of our Markeplace Live experience. Every team gave a great presentation with different styles and ideas. For example, my team used the movie maker to grab the attention from the professor and our classmates. At the end of the simulation game, we won and we got sparkling beverage as an award!However, it was not about who won or lost; it was about the gained experiences and shared knowledge, which was invaluable. I have learned a lot which will be very useful for me in the future such as strategies for analyzing market research, establishing goals, developing brands, creating pricing strategies, managing a sales force, launching promotions, and so on.

Professor Brian McCarthy

Furthermore, this class did not have a midterm or final, but instead we had to write a detailed marketing plan paper. Everyone had to choose a product or service that they are interested in. For this paper, I was able to integrate all the knowledge that I gained during the term such as market research, segmentation, targeting, etc.

Last but not least, the most important person who made the class great was Professor McCarthy. He was awesome due to he has a unique technique to teach students such as showing advertisement videos and asking students to share ideas, connecting case studies with important marketing strategy, encouraging students to do presentations, and allowing students to think outside the box. These helped everyone understand the marketing field and how to apply the concepts to real world situations.

If someone asks me “What I gain from this class?” My answer is “The knowledge and experiences which are very beneficial and valuable”

Jaraswan Jarasjaruwan or Pear is a full-time MIM student. She got a Bachelor’s of Science from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. After she graduated, she worked as an educational consultant in Thailand for 2 years. Pear chose to study international business at Portland State University because she is interested in the business field and also the reputation of the university. Currently, Pear is studying Chinese as a third language. Also, she will choose Finance as her specialization in the Master of International Management program.

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  1. The Marketplace simulation was one of the most applicable exercises from any of the MIM marketing classes. It’s not quite real-world, but about as close as you can get without working with a real-life product. The only thing better is a marketing-focused exit project.

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