Getting to Know MIM Students: Asuka Katzer & Yiqian Tang

We have asked MIM students why they chose to attend Portland State University, and what drew them to the Master of International Management program. In an on-going series, we would like to introduce them to you, starting with two current MIM students.

What brought you to Portland State University to join the Master of International Management program? Please share your stories in the comments!

Asuka Katzer

I am from Fukuoka, Japan. I studied English culture and literature for my undergrad at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts in Kyoto, Japan. After I graduated college, I worked at a theme park as lead for 2 years. Also, I worked at English Language School as regional manager for 4years in Japan. I moved to Seattle after meeting my husband, and knew that I wanted to study business. After I worked at a retail store in Seattle, I thought that I should study global management to further my career. There are many companies that have business relationships with Japan, so I thought it is good opportunity for my future career to move to Portland.

Why MIM? – After some years working in Japan, I wanted to gain more knowledge of global business. The MIM program offers outstanding curriculum, especially Asia Study Tour. It will be a great experience for me. Also, through this program students study Japanese or Chinese. Having knowledge of both of those languages is advantage for doing business in Asia. I believed that the MIM program is a good opportunity to futher my career.

Yiqian Tang

My name is Yiqian Tang, from Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China. I am 23 years old and studying Master of International Management in Portland State University now. I have stayed in U.S. for almost two years and used to live in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I am quite outgoing and interested in making new friends. Sometimes, it’s easy for me to become too talkative and impulsive.  I like to meditate while listening to relaxation music and practicing yoga. I hope to build my career in a global corporation so that I could travel back and forth between China and U.S.

Why MIM? – I did accounting for my undergraduate but then I realized that I was not the type of acccounting person and I would like to do more interesting things in my career. MIM is the best alternative for me becasue through this program, I am able to know more about global management and meet a lot of great people. I really enjoy my time with all MIMers.


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