Celebrating and Giving Thanks Around the World

This week at Portland State University students are taking a break in recognition of the American Thanksgiving holiday. Some international students will be celebrating with their friends here, or even traveling back to their home countries to see family.

While Thanksgiving in the U.S. is celebrated for particular national reasons, one of the primary actions is to give thanks for the abundance we enjoy with family and friends. Civilizations around the globe have been doing just that during harvest celebrations. We invite you to share some of the highlights of any celebrations of harvest of abundance that are recognized where ever you are from, and enjoy these photos that depict different ways of celebrating around the world.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ryan is a part of the Master of International Management full-time 2012 cohort, and a MIM Student Ambassador. Currently he works within the Willamette Valley wine industry as a social media consultant, and wants to broaden his career in marketing to a global level through the MIM program. His favorite aspects of MIM are networking with other students from around the world and learning Mandarin Chinese. Ryan is passionate about food, wine, and travel and writes on these topics for other sites. Visit Ryan’s site here.


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