Is the Job Right for You?

This little excerpt seemed worth sharing even though it is from a nursing journal. The information is still universal and relevant to those who are in the job search process at this time.

The following is from American Nurse Today, January 2011, Volume 6, Number 1, “Waltzing Through the Behavioral Job Interview”

Is the Job Right for You?

Before you apply or interview for a position, do some soul-searching to determine if that position truly has the characteristics most important to you. Ask to see the job description so you can identify the critical competencies and expectations for the role. Explore the facility’s website to learn about the organization’s history, what services it offers, and its mission, vision, values, and its culture.

Your due diligence in preparation will guide you to draw conclusions as to whether the position and the organization offer what you seek from the four pathways that have been identified as leading to joy in the workplace:

  • Connectedness
  • The work itself
  • Opportunity for achievement
  • Venues for recognition

Regardless of the interview style you encounter, always prepare for it. Anticipate some common traditional inquiries, such as “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” For most people, it’s harder to identify weaknesses than strengths. So be aware that you have weaknesses, and identify in advance what they are. Whenever possible, choose to describe one that isn’t linked directly to a competency critical to the position you’re interviewing for. Before the interview, take the time to reflect on your own practice and experiences so you can draw on them with ease when responding to questions.

Turn the Tables

Be prepared to pose pertinent questions to the interviewer, if appropriate. Think about what’s meaningful to you in your professional role; ask questions about these aspects of the role if the interviewer hasn’t covered the information sufficiently (or at all). Arriving to an interview prepared with your own insightful questions shows your intellectual curiosity. ◊

Master in International Management students, as always, remember to use Portland State University’s Graduate Business Program’s Career Management services and PSU’s Career Center as they are here as your resources. Good luck in the job search!


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