One year in MIM: How MIMer life treats me?!!

Monday June 14th 2010, the plane safely landed at Portland International Airport. I walked through the gate and then opened myself to the new world, called PDX, and the new episode of life, called MIMer life!

Friday June 18th 2010, the first informal meeting with newcomers and current students took place at Paccini, a memorable on-campus bar which was recently turned to be the Rouge Hall. It was the first time I met some of my cohorts- we shared our excitement of being MIMers and have started developing a good relationship from that day. Even though it has been almost a year until now, I can still remember it so well as if happened yesterday!

Monday June 21st 2010, the first term of Pre-MIM started. Although it was a short summer term, I made a lot of new good friends. Every week, we went out to a bar after Tuesday night class to hang out and develop our stronger relationship. Smiles and laughs always fulfilled our Tuesday night. Those events worked pretty well and we all enjoyed our Pre-MIM moment!

September 12th -15th 2010, new-coming students (both full-timers and part-timers) went to Central Oregon for the camping trip altogether. We did a lot of activities- icebreaking games, GPS adventure, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, and rafting. We had a very good time and got to know our cohorts better. It is such an awesome first impression!

Monday September 27th 2010, the first term of MIM started. The camping trip helped us a lot to feel way more comfortable to participate in class, especially for international students. As people who sat around us in the classes were not strangers anymore, it was a lot easier to communicate and work as a team. We also started out language class in this term. I chose Japanese and had a great teacher and classmates ever. Even though starting to learn a new language is tough, having a funny class helped me released somehow.

December 2010, the fall term ended. However, MIMers’ life was continuing. We had a great winter break with our cohorts. The international students were invited to join the Christmas party with some native students’ family. It was such an impressive way to learn different cultures out of classes!

Monday January 3rd 2011, the winter term started. This term was a little bit rush as we had to finish all classes within 2 months in order to go to ASIA during the last month of the term. However, the Asia trip was interesting enough to motivate us to get all things done! Lol

March 2011, the first year full-timers and second year part-timers departed PDX airport to ASIA! We spent a very first week in Japan, then South Korea and China. We visited many interesting places to observe how Asian businesses are. Plus, we spent some free time to learn about culture difference. Even though it was just a month traveling abroad with friends, I learnt many things from this trip and it helped me significantly grow up, especially in cross-cultural aspects. It was such a great part of my MIMer’s life!

Monday March 28th 2011, the spring term started. Even though we were still facing jetlag crisis and not so ready for classes, we had 19 credits to do this term! Many classes took some funny things away from life. However, we could find a way to hang out sometimes. We maintained a good academic standing and good relationship with our cohorts at the same times because we realized that we are here to learn to live with people and to become the good global citizens!

June 2010, the spring term is eventually ended!

The calendar reminded me that it has been a year I have become a part of this MIM program. I will not say that I have had a good moment and a good feeling all the time in MIM as it is impossible to be true! Like other international students, I felt lonely and homesick sometimes. I also was in a blue mood many times when I was in the challenging situations, such as had some misunderstandings with friends or did not want to do any paper works even the due date is tomorrow!

However, when I was feeling blue, MIM life and friends always helped me feel way better. Up until now, I am really sure that I have many good friends and some of them are even worth calling best friends! MIM has also built me a strong global mindset which has helped ensure that I will become a good global citizen in the nearest future!

Just six months left and we will graduate in the coming December. Even I am so excited to get back to my home country and to start working again, it is such a sad story to leave away from my MIM friends. However, I will do my best to enjoy every moment during the next few months. I am so sure that the MIM life will become a great memory of my life from now and forever!


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  1. As a Newbie, I am always browsing online for articles that can benefit me. Thank you

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