Spotlight on MIM Alumni: Patrick Dedrick

Name: Patrick Dedrick
Company: Oracle
Company/Job Location: Hillsboro, OR
Current Job Title: Supply Chain Analyst
Duration with Current Company/Current Position: Six months
MIM Graduation Date: December 2010

Patrick Dedrick, MIM 2010 Alumni and Supply Chain Analyst at Oracle in Hillsboro, Oregon

MIM: How did you find your job and what was the job search process like?

PD: A manager from a previous job was working at Oracle, and knew that I would be finishing MIM around the time that his group would be hiring, so, he gave me information on a few job postings, and suggested I apply. This process started in August [2010], and I was finally brought on at the end of December [2010]. However, I started my job search process in June [2010]. Right before starting at Oracle in December, I worked briefly at CEVA Logistics, in a position that I was referred to by a professor of one of the summer specialization courses. In all, it took five months of active job searching to find one that I got hired for, and six months to get the job [at Oracle] that I have now. It is my firm belief that the only reason that I got either of these jobs is because of the network that I had developed.

MIM: What was your interview process like?

PD: For Oracle, I had a three-part interview process: an initial in-person screen, a presentation, and a panel interview. The first screening was a less formal interview that was used to gauge my potential fit with the company against information and details from my resume. The presentation portion of the interview came a couple weeks later, in which I was asked to choose one topic from a list of six related to supply chain, and prepare a 10-15 minute presentation to give to a small group of employees. The final panel interview was comprised of a group of five potential peers and supervisors, which acted primarily as a behavioral test of personality-fit. By far, the most stressful, and most beneficial portion of the interview was the presentation – it translated the presentation skills emphasized in the [MIM] program to a real work-environment.

MIM: Is your current job in line with your previous work experience or is this a career change?

PD: I was very new to the “working world,” and had only about a year between undergrad and the MIM program. I spent some time in the wine industry, where I had some information exposure to supply chain, but I would consider my career to have started after MIM. Coming into the MIM program, I had no idea what I wanted to do afterwards – prior to actually starting the program, I had seriously considered pursuing each of the specializations EXCEPT for supply chain. It was only after the Asia Trip, and seeing facets of supply chain up close and personal that I knew that I wanted to start a career down that path.

MIM: How do you think the MIM program helped you get your job?

PD: Concerning the job application process, I believe that the MIM program, and the school of business provide ample opportunities that can make a resume attractive to potential employers. I also think that the school of business allows for great networking opportunities, which I firmly believe are the most effective key to getting a job. Concerning networking, it is my belief that quality outweighs quantity in job prospect-value – solidly connecting with a couple individuals can pay off much more substantially than collecting a hundred business cards, in my experience.

MIM: What is your job like on a daily basis?

PD: I work with external manufacturers to procure customized material for integration at Oracle’s Hillsboro manufacturing plant. This means I spend a lot of time on conference calls and coordinating with materials planners to make sure that material gets shipped on time. 

MIM: What is a typical day for you like at work?

PD: Typically, I start work between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m., and have a conference call at 9:00 a.m. Between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. I take care of urgent short-term issues with planners and work to figure out new material that I have to order for that day, with lunch somewhere in between. To deal with current issues, there is a daily 2:00 p.m. meeting for all members of the group I work in. 3:00–5:00 p.m. is spent placing orders and updating material that is posted for reference by coworkers.

MIM: What do you really love most about your job/position or company?

PD: Currently, I love that I can learn something new every day at my job. There is so much to learn about the company and the industry that there is never a dull moment. This is only enhanced by the quality of the people that I work with. They are all passionate, and incredibly competent individuals that are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with a newcomer to their company and industry.

MIM: What do you hope for your future career plans?

PD: I am really enjoying the procurement field – I hope that it can lead to a position abroad, either for a long-term-ish expat posting, or at least for semi-frequent travel to suppliers.

MIM: What do you think is your most valuable take-away from the MIM program?

PD: The diversity of people that you get to work with in the MIM program was, for me, the most valuable take-away. Having not spent much time in the work-world, it was a huge advantage to gain some exposure to a variety of personalities and working styles.

MIM: What is your favorite memory of the MIM program?

PD: Like everyone else, the Asia Trip was my favorite memory from the MIM program – specifically the week following the formal trip. I had the opportunity to visit Malaysia with a group of MIM-colleagues, and it was the perfect way to continue my first-hand, intercultural experience. 🙂

MIM: What advice can you provide to current and future MIM students?

PD: Stay in touch with your MIM cohort – you don’t realize how important those relationships are until everyone goes back home to their respective countries… plus, all the networking that you hear about starts with your cohort!

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