Tokyo, Japan: Day Three

On Day Three in Tokyo we took a road trip to visit the Kewpie Corporation plant, a MIM Asia Trip favorite, and I can see why. The Kewpie staff are so welcoming and such gracious hosts. They are friendly, funny and seem to really enjoy having MIM students visit.

We had the opportunity to buy fun Kewpie doll souvenirs at their on site shop, then gathered for a box lunch – the best part was salad with the option of twelve or so different (and delicious) Kewpie dressings. The informational video and PowerPoint presentation following lunch was informative and entertaining.

The plant tour was quite an amazing thing to see with all of the automation. By far the most fascinating machine to watch was the automatic egg-cracking machine that separates egg yolks from egg whites, assembly line style. Kewpie is a wonderful company to learn about in the way they take pride in their product, emphasize hygiene (they break down and clean all parts of their equipment frequently and regularly), involve their employees, source locally and focus on sustainability. Kewpie reuses and recycles most everything from their egg (shells are used for pharmaceutical products) to the bits of plastic that are cut off their bottles (reworked into packaging).

In the free evening MIMers gathered for the “MIM Welcome Dinner” for two hours of all you can eat and drink, Tokyo style (click HERE to see MIM Welcome Dinner photos on a previous blog post). Followed by a very fun night of karaoke!

“Japan: Day Four” was our one free day in Japan. MIMers took advantage of this day to do some serious sightseeing. See this previous blog post (One free Day in Japan) to see what a number of MIMers chose to do with their free day, led by Naoki Hirai, MIM student from Japan.

Tokyo scenery on the bus ride to Kewpie Corporation

This may appear to be a very unimpressive photo - it's taken from the bus and it's blurry, yes, however, there is Mt. Fuji in the background - a rare vision from Tokyo! We had wonderful weather on the Asia Trip this spring!

We have arrived at Kewpie Corporation!

2011 MIMers Ali Mondragon (part time student) and Xintong "Jackie" Wang (full time student) take full advantage of this wonderful photo opportunity at the Kewpie plant

MIMers meet the Kewpie staff and prepare to learn about about Kewpie history and production

Kewpie pen topper sits in on the Kewpie plant lecture...this is what happens when you let MIMers visit the souvenir shop first.

Look at the Kewpie manufacturing stats...

Aui "Will" Vasa, MIM 2011 student from Thailand, poses for a photo at the Kewpie plant

Animated discussion at the Kewpie Q&A session

MIMers participate in a Q&A session post-Kewpie plant tour

Hello Kewpie pen topper! (And this was a short-lived idea as I never got any more Kewpie pen topper traveling photos for the rest of the Asia trip)

A variety of colorful Kewpies...

Kewpie employees are encouraged to get involved in Kewpie's quality and improvement

Dr. Cliff Allen (left), MIM Academic Director and one of our tour organizers pose in front of a big bottle of Kewpie mayonnaise

Goodbye Kewpie friends!

Still waving goodbye...

Still waving goodbye...


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