How Tight is your Grad School Cohort?

MIMers are a tight cohort – we study together, have team assignments for every class, carpool, eat together, party together, travel together…you get the idea. We do this for 15-27 months (15 months for full time students and 27 months for part time students).

It is no surprise then that MIMers get together regularly during the school term and even after graduation to catch up and support one another in their endeavors. The most recent week of catching up happened quite recently. MIMers from the 2010-2011 cohort managed to get together three times in one week.

Last week Wednesday six MIMers got together at Hot Pot City, a favorite lunch spot within walking distance from Portland State University campus. There were three MIM 2010 alumni present, one MIM part time student from the 2010-2011 cohort and two MIM 2011 full time students present.

The next night, on Thursday last week, five MIM 2010 alumni, four MIM part time students from the 2010-2011 cohort and one MIM professor met up at the MIM-alumni founded Dining to Give event that benefited the Oregon Humane Society. Four course dinners cost $30 per person and benefit both the Oregon Culinary Institute which hosts the event as well as the featured non-profit.

Last week Friday another MIM 2011 alumni organized a DJK Korean BBQ get together which drew a group of 13 MIM 2011 alumni and MIM part time students from the 2010-2011 cohort – some of whom had to rush over after their Mandarin language night class.

By Saturday last week, there were competing MIM parties. MIM class of 2010 held a potluck birthday party for one of their classmates where eight MIMers (both full timers and part timers) were present – sippin’ sparkling wine and brandy, noshing on kale salad, curry beef patties, couscous, sushi, cherry cobbler, coconut creme pie and mochi ice cream come to mind… Meanwhile MIM class of 2011 held a very appropriately named “Let’s Work on our Guanxi” potluck party – a casual get together for friends to enjoy good food, relax by a fire pit and build “guanxi.” (Guanxi is a term that comes up frequently in MIM studies related to doing business in China.)

This coming week MIMers are still going strong with a gathering on Friday night at Momo’s, a local bar, (after Mandarin language class, of course) to celebrate the finale of the first MIMers to complete their Exit Project. The Exit Project (AKA “International Business Research Project” in certain circles) is the final project all MIMers must complete in order to graduate in lieu of a thesis – so this is definitely reason to celebrate!

Saturday is a (not so) surprise birthday party for a MIMer who will be turning the big three-oh! In a class of only approximately 45 students 20 have already RSVP’d to this event…proof that MIM is pretty tight.

Soooo….Get your application in before the May first deadline (click here for MIM Admission information) and join the MIM family. MIM will welcome you with open arms (and we’ll make sure you are well fed).

Evan Chang, MIM 2011, prepares some of his delicious home cooking for the lucky MIM gang at the "Let's Work on our Guanxi" party (thanks, Evan, for permission to use this awesome photo of you playing with fire in the MIM blog)

Hot Pot City (taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone app)

Rana Abulbasal (full time MIM 2011) demonstrates how to eat hot pot at the bar, Hot Pot City, Portland

Dining to Give dinner benefiting the Oregon Humane Society: MIM 2010-2011 cohorts (L-R) Jackson Wynne, Lisa Stensby, Ali Mondragon, Eric Dretzke, James Begg, Melanie Billings-Yun (MIM Professor), Jasmine Avgerakis, Patrick Dedrick and Lauren Morice

Dining to Give: Part time MIM 2011 cohort (L-R) Lisa Stensby, Eric Dretzke, Theresa Brown and Ali Mondragon

Dining to Give: Roasted Asparagus Salad (because we know we all come together for the delicious food)

Dining to Give: Grilled Carlton Farms Pork Chop (absolutely delicious)

Dining to Give: Sorbetto!

MIM 2010-2011 cohort enjoy DJK Korean BBQ in Beaverton, Oregon: (L-R on this end of the table) Raiza Trifanov, Emily Messer, Lauren Morice, Patrick Dedrick, Doug Bonham, Austin Davidson, Ali Mondragon, Gigi Rong and Jasmine Avgerakis

DJK Korean BBQ - mmmmmm....assorted meat for tabletop grilling


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One response to “How Tight is your Grad School Cohort?

  1. I had my last class with my cohort yesterday. In law school we are only together as a group for the first year. It was nice reading about another person;s grad school experience. 🙂

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