Tokyo-Yokohama, Japan: Day Two

On our second day in Japan we took the buses for a little over an hour and drove from Tokyo to Yokohama. Our first stop was the Nissan Oppama Plant (Yokosuka-shi). This tour started off with an introduction video and presentation by Nissan staff. Then our class split into two groups to tour the facilities.

I have never seen the inside of an automotive factory before and the first thing I noticed when I walked in was how clean this factory was – not only did the factory look clean but it also smelled clean. It was extremely organized, heavily automated and there were a lot of staff running around and doing their tasks very quickly. Everybody appeared to be working so hard and fast. (Unfortunately, for this part of the tour we were not allowed to take photos so you will one day have to apply for the MIM program and take the Asia Study Trip in order to see the inside of the Oppama Plant yourself.)

After the impressive Oppama Plant tour we hopped back on the buses to go to Mitsubishi Heavy Industry’s (MHI) Kanazawa Factory. Once again we got an introduction video and presentation by MHI staff. Then there was some excitement when we realized we had to wear hard hats to enter the plant – great photo ops!

Besides the fact that the Nissan Oppama Plant and the MHI plant build two very different products (automobiles versus wind turbines) just noting the difference in the size of the product, the layout and use of space at the plant and the pace of the employees at work was interesting. The wind turbines are so huge that it does not take much to utilize a lot of the plant space at MHI.

We returned to Tokyo for a little bit of free time in the evening to sight see and have dinner on our own.

Interesting sites on the drive from Tokyo to Yokohama, Japan

Sights on the drive from Tokyo to Yokohama, Japan

Sights on the drive from Tokyo to Yokohama, Japan

We arrived at the Nissan Oppama Plant conference room for our first lecture and plant visit for the day. We scored a Nissan GT-R model (believe me, this was a hot commodity)!

MIM Academic Director, Dr. Cliff Allen, warmly thanks the Nissan Oppama Plant for their hospitality

Walking to Happy Island for a buffet lunch that awaits us

The Happy Island buffet chocolate fountain was quite a hit with MIMers

Japanese school kids on an excursion to Happy Island - MIMers had fun playing with the kids!

Full time MIMers, Michelle Skinner and Kendra McWilliams, show what fun it can be to commute on a bus every day

We arrive at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries offices

MIMers enjoy an introduction and video welcome by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry staff

A select few MIMers modeling the MHI hard hat: (L-R) Zhuren "Johnny" Chen, Isaac Dickman, Christian de Azevedo, Taylor Kopp and Yenlin "Wayne" Wan

Davvy Lee, MIM student from Malaysia, wears the MHI hard hat well

The MIM 2011 gang

MIM part time student, David Kiser, in front of a Mitsubishi Heavy Industry wind turbine

MIM full time Thai student, Aui "Will" Vasa (on left), "supervising" the MHI staff and our interpreter

MIM class of 2011 at Mitsubishi Heavy Industry

MM Academic Director, Dr. Cliff Allen and MIM part time student, Scott Sutton

Yokohama Bay Bridge on the way back to Tokyo

City views on the bus ride back to Tokyo from Yokohama

MIMers (back L-R) Ali Mondragon, Eric Dretzke and Rana Abulbasal meet up with a friend, Eriko (front left), in Tokyo for a famous udon dinner at

I highly recommend eating at Mimiu in Tokyo - you can get a little bit of everything delicious from udon to sashimi to tempura...

Beautiful Japanese cuisine at Mimiu - and don't forget to try the buckwheat ice cream for dessert!


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