Precious souvenirs from Asia Trip!

Last year, one of the key reasons why I sent an application to MIM program is definitely the attractiveness of Asia Trip. Therefore, I had looked forward to this trip since the start of the program. Then, I eventually made it and, of course, I appreciated it.

During the trip, I learned that business strategies in each country have a positive relationship with its culture. The peaceful and systematic value of Japanese leads to the systematic business principles such as Just-In-Time (JIT), Kanban, and Lean production. The strong value of hierarchy and family connection in Korea leads to the creation of family-oriented businesses. Also, the familiarity of War creates the robust sense of competition in Korea. In China, because of the huge population size, the factory operation is practically based on labor-intensive principle more than that in Japan and Korea.

By understanding that there is a positive relationship between business principle and culture in every country, it has inspired me to be more open-minded and acceptable to any differences among countries. In my point of view, to know the history and background of every country around the world is not as important as to understand that every country has different culture and people from different places must have different norms and values. This idea should be a general idea for everyone to live happily in this world of globalization.

For my personal development, Asia Trip gave me the first and great opportunity to practice my Japanese language with the real Japanese in Japan. After stayed in Japan for a few days and tried hard to practice my Japanese whenever I could, I have an inspiration and confidence to continue learning and practicing Japanese. Yes, Murakami-Sensee is always right when she keeps telling us that “Japan is not difficult at all!”

Also, by visiting many factories and companies, I had learned about logistics and supply chain management from the real world experiences which will benefit me when I do my specialization in the summer term.

Moreover, by spending three weeks with friends, we had learned to know one another more than before. Because MIM students are from many parts of the world, learning to know everyone in the program means learning to adapt myself to the cross-cultural environment and to live happily with people from different cultures. After the trip, I believe that I understand people well. For example, I do understand what the term “individualistic Americans” really is. lol 😀

In brief, Asia Trip provided me the deeper academic knowledge, well understanding of culture difference, good philosophy of living globally, and ever-memorable time with nice people. Therefore, on the way back to Portland, I felt that my suitcases were a little bit heavier because of the souvenirs I got from the trip called “knowledge”, “inspiration” and “enjoyment.”

MIMers at Great Wall

MIMers in Bangkok, Thailand




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