MIM is Back in Full Force

The last of the MIMers arrived back in Portland just in time for school on Sunday, March 27th at 7:30am. A few had classes the very next day on Monday, but most of us have classes today, Tuesday. Still, it is not much time to recover from jet lag and flying for approximately 12 hours from Bangkok-Tokyo-Portland.

This week MIMers have to get their Asia Trip summaries finished and turned in, the last Age of the Pacific lecture summary done (this lecture was right before the Asia Trip), those in Chinese class have to present a 10-minute PowerPoint about the trip in Mandarin and five part time students are finishing up their exit project. In addition, classes are in full force – International Law and Ethics, International Corporate Finance and Investment, Global Human Resource Management, Intercultural Competence and Communications III, language (either Chinese or Japanese) and Contemporary and Pac Rim World Affairs…spring is a crazy term. Welcome back MIM…good luck to us!

In the meantime, I will continue to post more photos from our Asia Trip (because I am a part time student and I am only taking Intercultural Competence and Communications, Global Human Resource Management and Mandarin so I have a little more free time on my hands for blogging). I apologize for not blogging as much as I would have liked while on the trip – we worked hard and played pretty hard, too. It was difficult to fit in time to sit still and blog and the Internet connection was less than optimal the majority of the trip. However, our four-week Tour of Asia was absolutely wonderful as you will see by my upcoming blog posts! Enjoy!

MIM Academic Director, Dr. Cliff Allen, kicks off the MIM Welcome Dinner with a speech, Tokyo, Japan (to Cliff's left is Naoki Hirai, current MIM student from Japan)

MIMer Naoki Hirai organized a very nice MIM welcome dinner in Tokyo, our first stop - Thanks Naoki for all your hard work and organization!

All you can eat and drink in a two hour period - it is a great deal in Tokyo when even a bowl of ramen will cost you $10 USD.

Three MIM 2009 alumni joined us at the Tokyo welcome dinner

Four countries represented at this table: Taiwan, Thailand, S. Korea and the USA! Nice job MIMers! Way to mingle!


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