An interesting job tool: Portland Development Commission’s Cluster Development Initiatives

The Portland Development Commission is a local organization dedicated to growing Portland’s economy. Most notably, the PDC has begun to analyze and promote several different industry clusters in the Portland area that have potential to strengthen the local economy. These industries include Athletic & Outdoor, Clean Tech, Advanced Manufacturing, Software, and Research & Commercialization. Each cluster has been thoroughly researched and assigned action plans for expansion and promotion. Does that sound like “job opportunities” to anyone else?

Most of my experience with the local clusters is in the Athletic & Outdoor industry, as I have worked in the industry in Portland for several years, most recently at one of the larger footwear companies. Throughout my career, I have had the chance to utilize the resources on the PDC website pertaining to the athletic and outdoor industry as a marketing research tool, as well as a way to assess job opportunities in the athletic and outdoor field. In fact, there is a directory of virtually every regional company that is associated with the industry linked to the PDC website! There are hundreds of companies listed, from small to large, that touch on every facet of the industry, from manufacturers to service providers and everything in between. It is truly stunning how many companies are listed. Furthermore, the PDC provides a resource directory with contact information for distribution centers, angel investors, logistics providers, industry associations and much more.

It is exciting to see that the PDC has taken on the challenge of expanding these industries, and it could mean good news for MIMers hoping to stay in the area. I encourage you to read the action plans for each industry and assess where you might fit in to their plans!


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