MIMers in Shanghai, China

Note: his post was written last week Thursday but I was unable to post it due to slow internet access in Shanghai.

MIMers are on their last leg of the Asia Trip. Tomorrow night is the farewell dinner and then MIMers have one full free day in Shanghai before everyone parts–either back to Portland, Oregon for a week of rest, or on to other countries to visit family and friends or check out more sights. It is amazing how fast three weeks of travel passed by. There is one group of approximately ten MIMers who will continue on to Cambodia and Thailand next week before returning to Portland (for one day of rest before spring term starts – yikes!).

Shanghai has been the busiest city for lectures, business and factory tours. Here are some photos…

MIM learns about Yangshan Deep Water Port's history, Shanghai, China

Panoramic view of Yangshan Deep Water Port, Shanghai, China

MIMers at the Yangshan Deep Water Port, Shanghai, China (MIM in this photo represents six countries: Taiwan, Thailand, S. Korea, USA, China and Japan)

Tour of the SIP Integrated Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China

Tour of Twinhead in Kunshan, China

Twinhead tour, Kunshan, China

Meeting up with MIM alumni studying Mandarin language in Shanghai, China (L-R: Salman Saidi 2010, Lisa Stensby 2011, Ali Mondragon 2011, Adam Bray 2010, Yumiko Fujinari Bray 2010)

View of Pudong from The Vue on Hyatt on the Bund


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