MIMers in Beijing, the capital of China

Last week, we were in Bejing for 4 days. We visitted Li Ning Headquarter to observe its business strategy and organizational culture. We also had a marketing lecture at the mall called “New Yansha” which is the largest mall in Beijing.

At Li Ning, we walked around its office. Most of its employees are young generation. It has an open office where people can see one another when they are working. There is no uniform and people wears casual clothes at work. I felt like this organizational culture can help generate creative environment and close relationship among employees.

At “New Yansha”, we learned that the malls in China have more complex management structure than the ones in the US. First, it is certainly larger in order to support the gigantic Chinese population- “New Yansha” has 10,000 parking lots to support its customers. Second, like most of malls in Asia, “New Yansha” is a complex mall- there are all kinds of activities and facilities to support customers such as restaurants, playground, and movie theaters.

Furthermore, we also spent our free day observe Chinese culture and foods. We visited Olympic Stadium (Bird Nest), Great Wall, Acrobatic Show, Forbidden City, Tian An’men Square, Temple of Heaven, and Summer Palace. Last night in Beijing, we had an awesome Beijing Duck as a dinner at the famous Da Dong restaurant. It was such a good time in Beijing.

Li Ning Headquarter

Olympic Stadium

Great Wall

Beijing Duck


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