Why yes, MIM does have Seoul!

MIMers are still on the go in Asia. Had a whirlwind stay in Seoul, S. Korea. Loved the Hyundai plant tour – the automation in their factory is absolutely amazing. Korean food is so tasty, the people so gracious, shopping is excellent and loved the sights. We must come back and explore more of South Korea some time!

Make sure to keep tabs on the MIM 2011 Asia trip on Facebook and Twitter. Photos take forever to upload to the blog from the hotel in Beijing. It’s easier to post quick updates on Facebook and tweet!

MIMers Ali Mondragon and JJ Salazar at the DMZ

S. Korean soldiers gather for a photo op at the DMZ

MIMers Eric Dretzke and Jackie Wang at the Dorasan Train Station, which used to take passengers between S. and N. Korea

Korean War Museum

City view from the Korean War Museum - if you look close you can see the Seoul Tower in the background

Korean War Museum - old timey war ships

Street food, Seoul style (this fried doughy mass was delicious, BTW)

MM 2011 Candidates Lisa Stensby and Eric Dretzke enjoy a dinner of Bong Chu Boiled Chicken in Seoul

Business talk with MIM Academic Director, Cliff Allen, over Hyundai-sponsored Korean lunch

MIM 2011 at the Hyundai factory tour, Seoul, S. Korea


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