Hitting the Ground Running In Japan

MIM class of 2011 hit the ground running (no joke!) since arriving in Tokyo on Monday evening. After a 12+ hour travel day from Portland, Oregon most were happy settling on an authentic Japanese ramen dinner on night one, exploring the vicinity around the Takanawa Grand Prince Hotel near Shinagawa train station and then calling it a night.

First thing Tuesday morning MIMers were ready to go with approximately three-and-a-half hours of lectures by guest speakers Mr. Shigeo Yamada, former board member and Vice President of House-Hold Products for the KAO Corporation (now retired), and Mr. Eichii Tanabe, Senior Vice President and Treasurer for Mitsubishi Corporation.

The second half of Tuesday was a free day. MIMers spent the day exploring Tokyo, of course! One of the things MIMers noticed is that it is extremely easy to get around this city by foot and train. Although it can be a little overwhelming for those who cannot speak or read the language, once you study the train map it is quite easy to navigate and get where you want to go.

Yesterday, Wednesday (keep in mind the time difference in Tokyo as you read our blogs), MIM headed out to Nissan Oppama Plant and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Yokohama (a two hour drive from Tokyo) for factory tours. All of our business guest lecturers, factory tour hosts and interpreters have been so gracious. It has been a wonderful experience so far. MIM is loving Tokyo!

Here are a few photos of the MIM-Tokyo Experience! Enjoy!

The ramen here is amazing. Each ramen shop has its own special broth. This one here is fish-based.

At first glance the train map can be quite overwhelming but 1) at least it is posted in English as well as Japanese, 2) if you take a few minutes to study it it is actually quite easy to navigate

Headed to lecture at the Takanawa Grand Prince Hotel conference room

The view from the pedestrian overpass near the hotel and Shinagawa train station

The Tokyo train station is the coolest - this escalator is located on the way to the Ikebukura line from Shibuya

This is a view from Starbucks at one of the busiest intersections in Shibuya

Approaching Shibuya 109...eight floors of a shopping experience that is probably not quite like any other

Yakiniku in Harajuku

MIM is prepared for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries wind turbine plant tour in Yokohama

Crossing the Yokohama Bay Bridge on our way back to Tokyo


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